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Posted by psychdork, 25 February 2010 · 309 views

So yesterday my usually reliable cell phone completely froze. I tried the usual ways of alleviating this type of situation: flipping it closed, hitting the power button, throwing it against the wall (just kidding on the last one), and nothing worked. So I went to pull the battery and couldn't get it out (keep in mind I'm sitting in my car in the dark in a CVS parking lot at the time).

I decided to forget about my phone and go run into the store like I had planned all along. As I'm walking into the store I'm starting to think worst case scenario, that I would need a new phone, and since it's worst case, all my contacts would be lost, along with all the photos I've been meaning to transfer for years. So I'm starting to think about how relatively easy it would be to get all my numbers back (or at least the important ones) and then it hits me. Grad schools.

I gave that number on all my grad school apps. What if someone calls me in the next couple days (before I can get a new phone) and I don't answer? Ahhhhhh! Now I quickly realized that they could always email me (did I write the correct email address???) but it did send me into panic mode for a while.

Fortunately I was able to pull the battery when I got home and my phone is back to normal. *insert huge sigh of relief*

So grad schools, if you can hear me, you are more than welcome to call me now...(please?).

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The two schools that called me e-mailed beforehand to ask when is OK to call. Is this not the same in Psych?
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The two schools that called me e-mailed beforehand to ask when is OK to call. Is this not the same in Psych?

From what I've heard it really depends on the school. Some try to schedule a time to talk whereas others just call the applicants and hope for the best, I guess. Though I sure that if they couldn't get ahold of an applicant via the phone after numerous attempts they would email the applicant.
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So true, we have become entirely dependent on technology.
What's sad is that the admissions dept. probably look at as a nuisance, a big stack of papers and numbers to look at, while we stress about 5 minutes of no phone access.
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My worries are decidedly more low tech. I'm fearful that one of my daughters may have grabbed an acceptance/rejection letter from the mailbox and lost it.

I have banned them from getting the mail.
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