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Back to waiting

Posted by Tall Chai Latte, 17 February 2010 · 289 views

It's been a while since I heard anything from schools. I've begun a series of emailing to different PIs, engaged in different conversations with PIs from my two admits so far. One reject but no big deal, the rest is... silence.

On the result page, I did see someone posting interview notices to the places I'm still waiting to hear back. I wonder what's going on.... My online applications have technical glitch or something? Seems like they are frozen in time. Hello? Anybody there?

Rejection sounds very easy to do at this point, doesn't it? Schools, just say something, anything.

Let's go people. I don't like this wishy-washy feeling at all.

[02/17/10 9:06am edit] I was so scared I won't get in anywhere at first, because my GPA isn't great.. What a change of emotion states this application cycle brings us..

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I know what you mean- there have been a couple of acceptances on the results page from two of my universities, but nothing else. And I have heard...absolutely nothing. It beats outright rejection though- at least, that's what I keep telling myself as I check my email for the millionth time!
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Waiting does suck. I would do anything for one little acceptance, I don't care from where right now. The silence is so nervewracking.
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I'm with you guys, I just want to hear SOMETHING! It's so crappy not to know anything. I also keep telling myself that no news is good news, but I guess I will find out soon enough...

Good luck to everyone, hope you all get some good news soon!
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I saw a few invites posted to programs I haven't heard from yet. I'm assuming that I didn't make the first cut and maybe I'll be waitlisted.
Regardless its driving me insane.
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I saw a few invites posted to programs I haven't heard from yet. I'm assuming that I didn't make the first cut and maybe I'll be waitlisted.
Regardless its driving me insane.

that's the feeling i have right now...
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Receiving my outright, quick rejection from Yale was pretty liberating because then I could just stop thinking about the possibility of going there. My other schools have notified their accepted people, but for whatever reason haven't bothered to send out the rejections. It's rather cruel of them. Sending out a mass email can't be all that difficult! While I doubt I'll be so lucky, hopefully for some of you the reason they haven't notified you is that you're on a wait list or a secondary list of possible acceptances. I think that getting onto the wait list is an accomplishment in itself.
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I agree. I am lucky in that I have 2 acceptances right now and am on what I am told is a "very small" waitlist at one of my top choices. However, this week has been rough for me. I was rejected at 3 places. Another sent out acceptances today, though I don't know whether they sent them all out, since they appeared to send out individual emails. I keep telling myself things like, "well, no one on the thread mentioned that they study comp politics, so maybe they're doing it by subfield and you'll hear on Monday!" It's just not likely though. So, now I'm waiting to hear from my top choice. I did absolutely everything I possibly could to get in there, but I still feel like it's a total crapshoot.

I just want this process to be over, so I can know what I'm going to be doing in the fall.
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So difficult! My boyfriend keeps thinking I've been rejected from another school (I'm 0-2 currently) because I'm so somber-- the reality is, it's hard, it's insane to wait, to not know. I can deal with all 7 rejections, but I can't move on and deal with that because maybe just maybe that won't be the reality. I'm pessimistic by nature, but so much work goes into this process, and I wouldn't have applied if this wasn't what I wanted, and if I didn't think there was some chance (albeit small) that maybe just maybe I could get in....
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