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The results are starting to pour in ~178 yesterday

Posted by appmatharmy, 28 January 2010 · 492 views

I was one of them, and now the delima is--do I end this? I have 2/2 acceptances from the lower ranked schools with two more applications pending response. It's probably another month before they answer (based on previous year notifications in the results page). I got the geographic location I wanted, and it's one of the schools I've visited...so what if it's not one of the top ten in my field...it's great in related areas, smaller class sizes, and a couple research areas that I'm interested in. Will I wonder what the hell I was thinking in five years for not going to the big name school (especially if I prematurely accept a possibly inferior offer before I even know if I'm accepted at the higher ranked school)?



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you mean you would accept before you heard back from schools that you really want to go to? come on. at least think of the money you spent. don't give in to the freak out.
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Why would you have to accept already? April 15th is still almost 3 months away. You should let your other notifications come in first--plus your other admits may affect your funding (the more places you're admitted to, the better your funding options in some cases) if you wait to tell your other schools until after you're admitted. I would wait. You have options now, so stop freaking out.
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The letter I got from my one acceptance said that the decision becomes binding only on April 15th. (They quoted some code of graduate schools.) I am not sure how to interpret it properly, but to me it essentially means that no one is expecting you to tell them before April 15th. If you do, great, if you don't, nobody cares much. You might as well wait.
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do not accept those offers! just be thankful that u wont spend a year doing nothing and that its guaranteed that u are in... and when the big schools respond, accept those. think about the job market :) u need a big school's name.
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Yes yes yes. I shouldn't cut myself short. My situation is a little more complicated than most though. My funding isn't through the normal NSF, university, or similar sources (but is still a govt source), so I would be the first one to pioneer my way through the bureaucracy at the better school (NYU). My wife will be working about two hours from either school, and with NYU having half their courses start after 5:00pm we would be passing in the night. While at the smaller decent school I could make it home for dinner a few nights a week.

Holding out on the decision thus far...
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