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The Alchemist's Path

August 20: The Journey Begins

Posted by Medievalmaniac, 19 June 2012 · 2,387 views

OK, I lied. I actually start TA orientation on August 6.FINALLY!What a long, strange journey this has been. First, the application season-that-wasn't. Then, the application season that ended in a fully-funded offer from a perfect-fit school. Followed almost immediately by the cancer diagnosis. Followed by the year of chemo and radiation. Followed...

The #JustOneMore Initiative!

Posted by Medievalmaniac, 18 January 2012 · 597 views
(This is cross-posted from my wordpress blog, which is my main posting spot: http://caridwen.wordpress.com/)OK, here we go…. the #JustOneMore movement . It’s here. It’s time .Time to let go of our fears and worries that we will never be  enough or do  enough.Time to let go of that niggly feeling that we should/could/might/ought to be doing more.Time to go...

Oh, Wow, How the Time Flies....

Posted by Medievalmaniac, 08 December 2011 · 676 views

Well, here we are. My cohort are finishing their first term as doctoral students, and I am finishing my treatment for breast cancer. And even though it sucks not to be frantically scrambling to get my term papers done, I have to say in the end, I may well have learned more from the cancer treatments than I might have learned in a semester of graduate scho...

Update and Suggestion

Posted by Medievalmaniac, 28 April 2011 · 581 views

OK, so, at this point I am going in for a re-excision for cleaner margins on Monday, and then have a CT and Bone scan the following Tuesday. THEN, the following Wednesday-Saturday - Kalamazoo! Thank god(dess)(e)(s) I get to do something completely academic for a few days...! I will likely begin chemo at the end of May - four rounds of Taxere and C...

Blergh....Another Update...

Posted by Medievalmaniac, 21 April 2011 · 824 views

So, my doctor checked with the oncologist and they are both leaning towards  doing a re-excision because they are not happy with the margins -  they're clean, but not by much (millimeters, on two sides). My doctor in  particular says she just doesn't have a good feeling about it, and  while she is hoping she's wrong she'd rather be safe th...

Update post-op visit

Posted by Medievalmaniac, 14 April 2011 · 510 views

OK,  Sportsfans, here's the stat update: Stage 1, 0 Nodes, 0 metastats. They  did find DCIS, & there were cancer cells in some blood vessels in  the tissue sample, so chemo it is. (Don't offer to buy me a wig, my  Mommy has already stepped up on that one. And, of course, it will be  Red. :D) It's an aggressive little bugger, but it's g...

A Lucky, Lucky Girl Indeed...

Posted by Medievalmaniac, 13 April 2011 · 643 views

So, given that I have the Big C and don't have a timeline or prognosis, and that it is so close to April 15, I decided that it would be unethical for me not to call the director of English Graduate Studies, tell her what is going on and that I can't say for sure what I will and will not be able to do, and give her the chance to offer my slot to so...

OK, update is good!

Posted by Medievalmaniac, 12 April 2011 · 498 views

Post-op update at present is the best possible  news for a cancer diagnosis  - the lumpectomy went VERY well, they found  NO visual signs of cancer in any of the lymph nodes or in the  surrounding tissue, although the pathologist will have to confirm that. I  will go in Thursday for those results and then we will talk radiation.  Chemo is currently not on...

I wish I had better news to report....

Posted by Medievalmaniac, 11 April 2011 · 691 views

Unfortunately, the results have come back positive for infiltrating ductal carcinoma. It's the most common type of cancer. I'm going in for a lumpectomy in the morning and won't know stage or anything more until the end of the week. I'm still hopeful that we caught it early enough that it has not had a chance to spread, and so should you b...

Cosmic April Fool's Joke, or Just Another Crappy Friday? (Warning: This may upset you).

Posted by Medievalmaniac, 01 April 2011 · 718 views

Just when you thought you had covered all unforeseeable circumstances....This morning I was minding my own business in the shower and....oh. Well, that's odd. Oh. No, yep, that's what it feels like. I went upstairs to DH and let him know that things could get really ugly, really quickly.I called the doctor's office and left a message. I manage...

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