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Nothing New Under The Sun.....

Posted by Medievalmaniac, 07 February 2011 · 315 views

I wish the English professors would stop grading papers and get back to admissions decisions.....! :blink:

So, we're in the second week of February, and those of us in the humanities are still pretty much sitting tight and hoping, and wishing, and praying....and hearing



SIGH. MLA was in January this year, and I know there are a few other conferences going on now as well, which coupled with the weather has probably served to push everything back a bit. But man, does knowing that not make the waiting any easier!

You would think, at my age, and given the many great things I have already gotten to experience as an academic, I would be less anxiety-riddled. But, you would be wrong. I'm as keyed up as anyone right now.

Luckily, I'll be busy all week with play rehearsals every night, which helps keep me away from the computer for at least a few hours! And, thankfully, things seem to have died down as far as crappy events go - and it's a very good thing, too, because it was almost at one horrible, terrible, no-good thing per day for a while there! I'll take uneventful over that any time!

But...I'd sure like to know where I stand. :(

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But...I'd sure like to know where I stand. :(

You and me both. I'm fast approaching the sweet spot where most of the acceptances from the schools I applied to were sent out last year. You have any idea when you should hear back?
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I'm English too, and it looks like last year most acceptances went out the week of 20 February. Two more weeks....gahhhhhh
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Newms - it could be any day now...or it could be mid-March or even later. There's just no way to gauge it, acceptances and rejections have gone out in batches from each of the schools I applied to beginning as early as the final days of January, in some years. :rolleyes:
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Good luck from one medievalist to another! :-)
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