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Cosmic April Fool's Joke, or Just Another Crappy Friday? (Warning: This may upset you).

Posted by Medievalmaniac, 01 April 2011 · 718 views

Just when you thought you had covered all unforeseeable circumstances....

This morning I was minding my own business in the shower and....oh. Well, that's odd. Oh. No, yep, that's what it feels like.

I went upstairs to DH and let him know that things could get really ugly, really quickly.

I called the doctor's office and left a message. I managed to get an 11:00 a.m. appointment for an exam. She found what I found. I then had a Monday afternoon appointment scheduled for a mammogram.

The hospital just called and said to come in today instead, so now I have a 1:30 p.m.. appointment for a diagnostic mammogram. And a family history of the stuff.

Wish me luck. In the realm of fair versus unfair, this could be the single most spectacularly unfair moment imaginable: Just when all of your dreams come true, the Universe turns around and yells "Psych!"

It's like when I was in high school getting bullied, only so much worse. Just...let's all hope it's benign. Because REALLY? After everything, REALLY?

Don't worry, though - if the Universe seriously thinks this is going to stop me from getting that PhD - after everything else I have dealt with on my way to this degree - well, I'm as stubborn and bull-headed as they come. It'll have to drop me in my tracks, if it's to stop me finishing what I have now begun.

I'll keep you posted. But hey - at least your day, whether you were accepted or denied, was better than mine. :blink:

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Oh, dear. I am sorry to hear this! Crossing my fingers for you. I really hope it's benign.
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Ouch. I wish you the best of luck with this!
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I really hoping that this scare is just a cruel April Fools 'joke' and nothing more. Fingers crossed.
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I really admire your determination - "if the Universe seriously thinks this is going to stop me from getting that PhD..." No matter what happens, always keep your heart. Thinking of you.
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Saying a prayer and keeping my fingers crossed!
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Aack! I have a family history of this disease, so I am "mentally prepared" to get it myself one day. Still, I can only imagine what you are going through.

However, one thing I know, early detection and tenacity both have an incredible contribution to a successful battle. You've got both.

Best, Stella.
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I'm so sorry to hear about this, and I hope you get good news this afternoon!
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I don't know you, but I'm sending good vibes your way. I'm sorry this had to happen. You sound like you have exactly the right attitude about it - good luck, and please come back and tell us what you find!

I'll be thinking of you today!
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My mom battled through this. I have faith that if you must, you can to; you certainly have a great attitude and obvious strength. Best wishes from a stranger who, when the worst comes, knows that it can make friends out of strangers.
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Good luck -- hoping you get good news. Sending hugs.
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So sorry to hear this, and keeping my fingers crossed that it turns out to be benign. Do keep us posted, and take good care.
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I'm not going to get syrupy. Please just remember that even if they find the worst, the situation is not an absolute.
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Thank you so much, Everyone. The mammogram and ultrasound were inconclusive, although they are hopeful this is something called Fibroadenoma. I go in for a surgical consult on Wednesday and a biopsy on Friday. I am maintaining firm conviction that this is benign and they're just playing (fairly expensive) CYA now- the screen didn't light up like crazy when they ultrasound imaged it, and my understanding from research and from what the ultrasound technician said is that malignancies get very colorful. So, I'm just in limbo now. Grrrrrr. :unsure:
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My mom, unties, and grandmothers are cancer survivors.. They knew right away that it was NOT benign from the ultrasound results. So, I am hoping whatever you have is benign.;)
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I'm certain that when push comes to shove, you're going to kick the universe back in line!
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I'm glad to hear that there wasn't a positive diagnosis. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's benign. Hang in there.
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The very best to you! Keeping fingers crossed for you!
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I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
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The same thing happened to me a couple years ago, right after I moved away from home for the first time-- suspicious lump, inconclusive ultrasound. It ended up being completely benign, normal tissue, although it feels nothing like the sort. Hopefully your outcome is similar.
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I'm rooting for you!
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