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OK, update is good!

Posted by Medievalmaniac, 12 April 2011 · 498 views

Post-op update at present is the best possible news for a cancer diagnosis - the lumpectomy went VERY well, they found NO visual signs of cancer in any of the lymph nodes or in the surrounding tissue, although the pathologist will have to confirm that. I will go in Thursday for those results and then we will talk radiation. Chemo is currently not on the table yet. I have Vicoden. We are Good To Go. Hang in there - we got this.

Also, just 'cause I was feeling feisty and oh! so badass, so, I made my sister (drove down to be with me since DH had to work) take me to the local coffee shop for a grande soy latte, we swung by to pick up the girls from daycare, and then we all headed over to the local specialty cafe for gelato prior to coming home. Just to let the cancer know who it was trying to screw with. :-P Now I will be good and go lie down, because it actually does hurt like a mother...<_<

Unfortunately, we got home too late to gt a hold of anyone at UNC-G, but I left a message on Dr. Dowd's phone to call me at her convenience. I just don't want to email this one, it seems bad form.

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Fantastic news!Posted Image Even with this good news, still no chance of you starting in the fall?
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So glad to hear your news! And drink more coffee - great source of antioxidants!
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Excellent news! Keep us posted on what happens.

I'd talk to your doctor about whether or not soy is okay to drink. I heard it wasn't good for cancer patients, but I could be totally wrong.
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Yay! Great news! I hope you have a quick recovery and everything goes as well as it possibly can go!
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Happy for the good news. I really hope you can start in the fall. no chance?:unsure:
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I'm so glad to hear your good news. I'm hoping for more positive things to come your way. Get well soon! :)
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Hooray and best wishes!
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Great news!!! Show that mother ... cancer who you are! Posted Image Good luck with your treatment and let's hope all this is over soon. We're all with you! Posted Image
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Great! And I like your style :rolleyes: !

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Great, keep the spirits high Posted Image
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Hooray! Even though I only know you through surreptitiously reading your blogs you've been in my thoughts recently.
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Excellent! Keep strong; you're doing great.
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Great !!
My best wishes from outer space
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Glad to hear the good news! It's awesome that you have such a positive attitude, keep it up! :)
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Rooting for you!!
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