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Blergh....Another Update...

Posted by Medievalmaniac, 21 April 2011 · 824 views

So, my doctor checked with the oncologist and they are both leaning towards doing a re-excision because they are not happy with the margins - they're clean, but not by much (millimeters, on two sides). My doctor in particular says she just doesn't have a good feeling about it, and while she is hoping she's wrong she'd rather be safe than sorry and know more definitively what the margins really are. Not to put too fine a point on it, but it sounds like I'm either going to lose a good-sized chunk or the whole shebang this time. Frankly, if I had had any inkling they would need to do any further surgery I'd have had both the damned things lopped off the first time around. And I'm gonna tell her: if you take one, take them both and be done with it. I'm a medievalist, not a Classicist; I have no intention of running about like Camilla the Amazon when I could just as easily be a modern-day Agatha of Sicily, which fits in much better with my research interests!

Le Big Sigh. This is turning out to be a bigger deal than I thought it was going to be, and I thought it sucked before. Don't see any way around the deferral at this point, but ye gods, that's a tough pill to swallow....I was kind of hoping for a get out of jail free card at some point in all of this, but it doesn't seem to be manifesting that way. :(

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Sorry for the bad news but with your program being so supportive, maybe there will be a way that you'll feel up to starting in the fall or the spring, so that if you do have to defer, it could be just a semester. Whatever you have to do, though, I'm sure your program will support you. Best of luck from your GC friends!!!
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Sorry to hear about that! I hope your program lets you defer for a semester or a year so that you can concentrate on your health. I wish you a lot of luck! You have all our support! Posted Image
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Best wishes -- here's hoping for great margins!
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Oh dear so sorry about this. But don't give up too soon. Perhaps it will turn out that the margins are good and nothing further needs to be done. Wish you all the best :)
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It's good that they are attentive and making sure they do the job right. You already had a pretty good prognosis, right? So this will just make things that much more certain.

I hope the second go at the surgery goes well!!
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Best wishes MM. Get well soon!
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Hope you get well, I'm really sorry but NEVER lose hope, I'll pray fo you.
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Best wishes MM. I hope everything goes well with the recovery. You have my well wishes and thoughts.
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So sorry to hear that. Prayers going your way and please keep us posted.
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You are being incredibly positive about this. Best wishes and get well!!
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Get well soon!
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I hope it will be better than you think. Do not worry a lot about when to start the program now. You will get this degree no matter what so focus now on your health and well being and later, you can take care of school. Be strong and keep it up my dear. Shit happens to good people.
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Get well soon! I hope everything will be great with you!!!
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