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Update and Suggestion

Posted by Medievalmaniac, 28 April 2011 · 581 views

OK, so, at this point I am going in for a re-excision for cleaner margins on Monday, and then have a CT and Bone scan the following Tuesday. THEN, the following Wednesday-Saturday - Kalamazoo! Thank god(dess)(e)(s) I get to do something completely academic for a few days...! I will likely begin chemo at the end of May - four rounds of Taxere and Cytoxin. Following that with 35 rounds of radiation and - bimbaddabing, hopefully the crap is gone for good. unfortunately, not soon enough to get me to my doctoral work sooner than 2012 Fall Term - but I remain VERY hopeful that I will get to that point still sane and ready to go!!

This whole thing just SUCKS. It sucks more than anything I have ever had to go through, not least of all because of everything else that happened during this application season. The universe really does have a sick, sick, twisted sense of humor. But in the end, as I told my husband, I WILL have my PhD, if I am gasping my final breaths on life support while finishing up my dissertation. I won't be deterred by cancer or anything else, I've gone through too much to get here.

I will try to get in here (this blog) periodically to update any interested parties, but I am likely to go long stretches between posties. I therefore recommend that if you want to follow this ordeal more closely, you frequent my "official" blog, http://caridwen.wordpress.com/ which is updated with much more regularity than this one at present.

Hang in there, and best of luck to those currently enrolled and those going in next fall - I'm mad with jealousy, but also very excited for you!!!

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You're an admirable person. You'll be fine at the end of a very tough journey. Stay strong.
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Sorry you have to wait a year, but I'm confident that with your determination you will get that Ph.D. Best wishes!! I really admire your dedication and strength.
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the year will pass by sooooo fast. i promise ..
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Agree with hopehope. Before you know it, you'll be in grad school.

I was thinking about you the other day, and I thought that it's a kind of a good thing that you found out about this before you have started grad school this fall. Otherwise, it might have messed up your studies in the first year and things might have been much more complicated. Now you have the chance to just focus on your treatment so that you start fresh and strong in 2012.

Wish all the best in all you do Posted Image
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I think it is a good idea to put off starting your Ph.D for a year, It will go by in no time and you will be in much better shape and have much more energy for doctoral work. Believe me, doctoral level school work is rigorous and very time consuming and you will need all of your strength to get through it.

In the meantime, I wish you the best of luck with your treatments and future educational plans.
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After what you have been through, you totally deserve getting a PhD! No worry, you'll beat this suck*r!
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I'll pray for you ;)

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Rooting for you! You sound so strong. Keep at it.
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You are an amazing person with a great spirit!!! Get better soon!!!
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you rock. i wish you live close by!
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You are really strong! I am sure you will fulfill your dream and finish a PhD program and write a great dissertation. Good luck!
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