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And Here We Go!

Final Roundup

Posted by alleycat393, 01 April 2011 · 317 views

Right so...My application season can be broadly divided into two-applications sent between November and December (including those sent to the States) and applications sent January onwards. Nothing really came of any of my applications before January so I drastically changed my approach to applying (and the continent on which the schools I was applying to...


Posted by alleycat393, 02 February 2011 · 250 views

Hello y'all,I haven't been active on here in a while-only coming onto the website to check the results section. The application season is not going well for me so far :(Right so a quick update:UCSF BMS: DENIED!MIT: rejectionRockefeller: Apparently they'll send out their last lot of decisions by the end of this week but I'm not feeling...

Applications...check! Decisions...pending

Posted by alleycat393, 06 December 2010 · 145 views

All applications complete with LORs, GRE scores, transcripts and everything else. Last deadline on the 8th and then I'm officially waiting for decisions. By the way, UCSD finally contacted me to tell me that my pre-application was not approved for application...not surprised because I realised that I didn't have a very good fit with any members of...

A Couple of Deadlines in and the Stress Does Not Get Old

Posted by alleycat393, 02 December 2010 · 272 views

My first deadline was the 5th of November. It was a pre-application deadline so was stress-free since I'd submitted it in August and it didn't need anything else.Now I have five letter writers who I've used as I felt appropriate (they all know some people at the schools I'm applying to). Lets call them A, B, C, D and E.Now A submitted all...


Posted by alleycat393, 04 November 2010 · 145 views

Yup waiting....painful process...So all my applications are in now. UCSD has a pre-application form and the deadline for that is tomorrow so I should have some kind of decision from them soon-ish about whether they want me to apply.As for the other applications, most of them have received everything except for a few LORs. Harvard and UPenn have still to a...

And now we wait....

Posted by alleycat393, 12 October 2010 · 147 views

Right so this is sheer boredom! All but one app has been submitted-the last one is ready but I'm waiting to hear something, anything, from a PI at this last university. BUT, I will only wait till the beginning of next week coz I do want my GRE scores to reach them in time. The online application systems of some universities will acknowledge when m...

What happened before the GO...

Posted by alleycat393, 08 October 2010 · 98 views

Hello again! While I wait I thought I'd tell you a bit about the things I looked at to narrow down my list of unis, how I went about writing my personal statement, how I prepped for my GRE and how I chose my recommendation writers.So as I mentioned in my last entry I came up with a list of 20 odd unis based on my personal idea of 'dream school...

And it all starts....

Posted by alleycat393, 05 October 2010 · 150 views

Hello!Just thought I'd chat a bit about how it all started for me and where I'm up to at the moment in this application cycle.So, I'm an Indian student applying for Bioscience and more specifically Immunology Phd programs. I will graduate from the University of York in the UK in July 2011 and am expected to get a 2:1 degree class (which is...

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