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On the verge of making a decision

Posted by Alyanumbers, 01 April 2011 · 468 views

So far, the only PhD program I got into has been NYU's. I have offers for master's at Edinburgh, SOAS and Columbia, but they're all unfunded, while NYU's funding me for 5 years. I also got rejected at Yale's and Columbia's PhD programs, which means I'm only waiting on Cornell, where, as far as I can tell, I am waitlisted.I'...

Acceptance with caps lock and several exclamation marks

Posted by Alyanumbers, 23 February 2011 · 287 views

So I haven't been blogging lately, because I've been kinda busy with protests and stands and sit-in and political discussions and and and--I feel like the world stood still for a month, and life won't get back to normal until we finish this revolution.However, I got some good news! On the 10th, I got accepted into the Comp Lit MSc program...

This might not be directly related to grad school, but...

Posted by Alyanumbers, 24 January 2011 · 252 views

Tomorrow, January 25, officially a holiday called Police Day, there's a huge demonstration going on. Thousands of people are going to be in the street protesting against the government, the police, corruption, inflation, unemployment--you name it. Unfortunately, I can't go.I have a final on Wednesday. It's an Arabic exam, and I'm crap at A...

Oh my god, Edinburgh!

Posted by Alyanumbers, 23 December 2010 · 212 views

So they sent me my username to check my application on their EUCLID system, but no password. Several emails later, I have one. I log in to MyEd, click on the Launch EUCLID icon, and get an error message. I log out, log back in, no dice. Apparently, I have no access to EUCLID; my username (which they sent this morning) doesn't exist. I email them for s...

The long wait begins

Posted by Alyanumbers, 20 December 2010 · 182 views

I submitted all my apps today. It's a great feeling. I'd celebrate, if I didn't have orals next week. :)I didn't do the second writing sample thing, because frankly, I just wanted to submit the applications and get on with my life.Now that I've submitted, though, I feel certain I won't get in anywhere. I suppose it's normal. Bu...

First deadline: after tomorrow... Thank God it's a Mideast studies department!

Posted by Alyanumbers, 18 December 2010 · 145 views

I'm almost done with the writing sample I've been working on for over three months. And by 'working', I mean 'procrastinating'. Incidentally, I just went crazy and decided to write another one to send it to three of my schools.Okay, here's the deal: I'm applying to two Middle Eastern Studies, one Cultural Studies and three...

First deadline: 9 days away!

Posted by Alyanumbers, 09 December 2010 · 126 views

It's past 11 PM, and I've been up since 6 AM. I had class, then attended a panel at a conference, and then went home to work on my applications. I finished and uploaded my SoPs, CV and scanned transcript to all the apps. Now I just need to finish my writing sample (which is not even half-done) and nudge my last recommender, and I'll be all set...

First deadline: 10 days away!

Posted by Alyanumbers, 08 December 2010 · 184 views

Today, I finished and uploaded my Statement of Purpose. Well, a  Statement of Purpose, anyway. I have several versions, you see.My SoP has a long and a short version. The short version is being sent to Cornell and NYU, since they both ask for maximum 2 double-spaced pages. The long version is going to Yale and Columbia, where I can send up to 1000 words....

First deadline: 13 days away!

Posted by Alyanumbers, 05 December 2010 · 154 views

*siiiigh*I won't get my transcript before Thursday, possibly even Saturday. I really can't believe them! It's been over a month; how long does it take to print out a table and get it signed and stamped?Regarding the writing sample, I am little frustrated by MS Word's inability to actually format a bibliography MLA style. I have to do t...

First deadline: 16 days away!

Posted by Alyanumbers, 02 December 2010 · 128 views
recommendations, writing sample
Today, I went to visit one of my recommenders who was having trouble with the online system. I don't understand why schools insist on online recommendations, especially in a field renowned for aging professors, who will certainly have trouble navigating the websites. Anyway, so I helped her submit the two remaining recommendations, which means I'm...

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