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First deadline: 16 days away!

Posted by Alyanumbers, 02 December 2010 · 128 views

recommendations writing sample
Today, I went to visit one of my recommenders who was having trouble with the online system. I don't understand why schools insist on online recommendations, especially in a field renowned for aging professors, who will certainly have trouble navigating the websites. Anyway, so I helped her submit the two remaining recommendations, which means I'm up to 8 completed recommendations--2 for every school in the US. Still waiting for my third recommender to do her four letters (she hasn't even started them yet), and I also need to find recommenders (they call them referees) for the two UK unis I'm applying to.

It's a wonder I haven't fallen behind on schoolwork, while writing my statement of purpose and trying to write my writing sample. I say, trying to, because all I have to show for it so far is an outline, a list of references and two paragraphs. With only two weeks to go for my first deadline! Better sit myself down and start typing!

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