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A Little Bit of Progress

Posted by orst11, 02 November 2011 · 304 views

Really, just a few points to mention. I am keeping this short because I have been sick the past couple days and need to just sleep. I figure this would be good given in a few months time I won't be sleeping and will be just anxiously waiting for news.

- 2 of 6 apps done, other 4 due in Jan. but I will have them done in the next couple weeks in order of program deadline/preference. I have to budget these some.
- 12 of 18 Recs completed
- SOP revised/tailored for all but one program
- Transcripts from one school sent, will be sending others this Friday. I kind of wish I would have never had to transfer, but then again it saved me a lot of money in the long run so can't complain.
- GRE scores coming out next week, will be requesting more reports then. Again, budgeting these. (Edit: scores came out early, 11/2, Given I took the test on August 1st, I am happy that ETS was actually on progress with their score time-lines. I was somewhat surprised with my verbal score given it was lower than the estimated score. My quant. section was on the higher end though so I guess it makes up for my lackluster performance on the verbal. The overall score is still in the range I wanted it to be in so I am pushing forward. Still a little disappointed I guess)

So some people may wonder why I note budgeting almost at every point, but really I am just trying to save money so I have it when I do have to make a decision. Again, I am being confident.

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