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Jumping into the Fray

A Moment of Levity and Lessons Learned

Posted by mallorn, 21 March 2012 · 1,808 views

Just finished a hilarious interview, and I really mean hilarious. When I first got the email from the POI of a school that I was already accepted to but had no funding yet, asking to chat, of course I was excited, who wouldn't be? So I immediately went off and prepared for the interview by reading the POIs personal webpage.... only to discover that he...

Sitting Pretty (?)

Posted by mallorn, 16 January 2012 · 420 views

Well, that's that. All my applications have been successfully sent to all of my schools, all my recommenders were able to submit on time (although I had a scare which involved much texting, calling, a a personal visit), recommendations and sundries have been mailed to one school that insisted on paper recommendations and a english proficiency form (si...

When grad school apps throw you lemons...

Posted by mallorn, 09 November 2011 · 249 views

...run around screaming like a maniac.I just found out that one of the programs I was supposed to apply for apparently no longer exists. When I went back to the program page to look up some stuff and finish my online application, it was erased. Went to the home page of the department and my desired major was missing from the degrees that they offer. I gue...

Ready Steady Go

Posted by mallorn, 16 October 2011 · 308 views

Hi everyone- maybe I'll do a proper introductory post later, but for now, I'll just go ahead and share my thoughts on where I am in the grad process. Most of my schools' deadlines are December and January, and I have sent out emails to almost all of my POIs. The results might be pretty disheartening when viewed as a whole- I'd say around 85% of the POIs I...

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