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So much Progress

Posted by Fell4Ever, 06 December 2011 · 380 views

My applications are complete! Kind of...

UBC has everything submitted, but their website says I am missing a few things. Its lying though. At least I think it is haha.

Seton Hall has ALMOSt everything completed. One of my professors didn't submit his Letter of Rec to this school. Why JUST this school I have no idea. Maybe beacuse it was burried in his inbox? I sent him another request. Once he does that, SHU should be finished!

I'm currently finishing up my last semester here at TUJ, and I'm wondering what to do about my transcripts. I know I have to mail out my final copies (once I've "graduated"). But when my Final Semester Grades come out on December 9th, to I send them out the? or do I wait until my "official graduation date" of January 27th? That's way past the deadline... I'll ahve to send out a desperate e-mail to one of my schools >_<;;

I've also been offered an interview for an internshp at the Human Rights Campaign (largest Gay-Rights group in the US) for this upcoming Spring. It sounds like such an awesome oppotunity. I applied for "policy" but got an offer from "event planning". Its great for networking though :P Only problem is DC is like... 4000 dollars+ for the spring semester to stay in "intern" housing. There is no way I can afford that. Even if I managed to work part time. It is crazy! So I had to turn them down. It crushed my soul.

But I did get an "interview" with the Democratic Party in Sommerset County, NJ. Its about an hour's drive from my house that I would have to make every day.... but at least I can live at home! Maybe I'll do it! If it requires me to go door-to-door to try to get votes, however, I won't do it. That's too creepy for me.

I'm now un-officially done. I'm flying back to the United States from Japan on December 15th, saying goodbye to some of the best friends and best boyfriend I've ever met. Its going to crsuh my soul some more, but its part of growing up. After I get back to the States I have to find a part-time job to hold me over until I find out about grad schools. If I get into SHU or UBC, I can keep my part time job until school starts. If I DO NOT get into either school, I'll have to start looking for full time jobs >_<;; Hopefully I can find a job that has to deal with policy or asian studies.... and then I can reapply to schools in a few years with more experience (and money) under my belt. If I do not get a job... I'll run away to Japan and teach English so that I can pay off my student loans.....

Wish me luck. I'll wish you luck,


(Sorry for any spelling mistakes. I have a final in 2 hours and am totally hyper - and this keyboard is really old)

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