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A Proper Introduction

Posted by cokohlik, in Me, Application Season, Grad School 18 October 2011 · 332 views

grad school application season introduction second time around
I don't think I did an adequate job of introducing myself in my first entry, other than to say that this is my second application season and I'm applying to about 11 programs.

I have my B.A. in Art History from UCLA. I was fortunate enough to have numerous research opportunities there. I can read, translate, and speak Italian, French, and Spanish, and I'm independently working on my German. The coolest research experience I had was obtaining original copies of Le Charivari from the 1880s for a research project about the first Impressionist exhibition. I was terrified I would spill coffee on them or accidentally rip the delicate pages. I felt like I should be handling them with gloves and tweezers. I'm looking forward to more exciting stories from my graduate years. The bulk of my research has been in Italian Renaissance/Baroque (my specialty), but I've also done research (in no order) on neuroarthistory, African American art during the Civil Rights Movement, Indian art, Islamic architecture, Spanish Baroque painting, and the visual history of alcohol marketing.

On a personal note, I got married in April this year. My husband has pored over my application materials with me. He's really excited about the idea of me going to grad school, almost as much as I am! It's been wonderful having another person who can be there to support me and keep me from being too anxious.

I just got a new job. Tomorrow is my first day, so I'm anticipating that I'll be rather preoccupied for the next week or so. In my spare time, I run an art history website, www.caravaggista.com and a corresponding Tumblr and Facebook. The website has been an incredible tool that's kept me focused. I've wanted to go to graduate school since I was 11 (and for art history since I was 17), and it's easy to get distracted with daily life. There are days where I might not work on my applications, which is fine, but I try not to let that be continual. A professorship is my dream and I honestly cannot imagine myself doing anything else with my career life.

There you have it - a little bit about me :) I'm interested to hear what some of your fun research experiences have been!

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I love that there are other people on this site I can root for along with myself! I'm rooting for you!

My favorite research experience was breaking into a 900 year old church in rural France (technically, it wasn't locked?) to get a look at the masonry. Anything for greater knowledge!
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