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My internet is judging me

Posted by LLajax, 07 November 2011 · 342 views

I do love google, and all of its myriad miracle products, but I'm starting to be driven crazy by the google ad generator advertisements to grad school-related things. Every time I open up my email, google lays a bunch of judgement on me. I'm trying to write my emails, and there looming on the top/side/bottom of the page is google's suggestions for my life plan (which are currently "Improve your life with Devry!" and "ITT Tech, degrees for your future")

Don't even get me started on my Facebook advertisements, they're even more judgey (no I'm not looking to be a baby donor, nor am I looking to choose engagement rings, and for the love of all things holy stop suggesting tech schools to me!!!!)

Also, I've just noticed as I'm sitting here writing this, all of the ads at the top of this page are for graduate programs. Dear google, lay off my life please. Right up there looming, there is an advertisement for Loyola MBA (you don't know me google! I don't want that kind of degree!), "Top engineering degrees near you" (oh no you don't, you don't know me), and "Top universities near you, professors to inspire you." (fine, you win.I give up google).

Is anyone else being bombarded by judgey online advertisements? I can't be the only one.

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Absolutely :( At first it was amusing... now its a constant reminder that if I fail - google will now. haha.
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I get all of the exact same ads! Now Google's telling me I can earn a PhD online and I've started to get spam about buying fake diplomas. :(
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I still see ads for the GRE.. I suppose it makes me even more thankful that I'm done with it!
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