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Oh Calendar, How you Terrify Me

Posted by LLajax, 29 December 2011 · 350 views

I've known all along that January 2012 id what follows December 2011, but I think I somehow managed to block out from my head what that means, you know, practically speaking. For instance, Today is the 28th of December, 2011. Now, if this were the 28th of, say, November, that would be totally cool and everything, and I could treat it like the 28th of any month ("oh la di da, look, I'll have to change the title of my whiteboard calendar/planner, I'll have to remember to dig out a set of replacement contacts, etc.") After surviving the final exams and papers for my classes and about half of my app due dates in December, I figured I deserved a well-earned bout of relaxing. Maybe until the end of the month? Why of course.

The problem is that January 2012 immediately (IMMEDIATELY!) follows December 2011. So I'm sitting here relaxing my way through the last week of December, completely neglecting (until like 20 minutes ago) that January 1st (when two of my apps are due) is in four days. FOUR DAYS! AGH! I tried to do all of my December apps at least a week (or three) ahead of time. All of those apps that were sitting in the misty, undefined future, are now due in a few days- dang it. Now I have to shift into panic-and-get-things-done gear, and desperately hope that the one transcript and two GRE scores that I forgot to send arrive in time. Sigh. Why do I do this to myself?

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