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To the Lighthouse

On mood, emotion, and playing the waiting game

Posted by gellert, 20 January 2012 · 1,743 views

So, like a good little nerd, I've mapped it out:My happiness is on the y-axis, ascending from 0 (none) to 100 (most).The time of day is on the x.-- And the waiting game is a perfect quadratic equation.I wake up and check my email, and when I see that I still have not heard from graduate schools, I start off my day at (0, 0).  Never mind that, surely,...

On surviving the months ahead

Posted by gellert, 22 December 2011 · 434 views

I've always been a little bit neurotic, but there's something about that waiting period between application and result that really puts the cherry on the already-overfrosted cake.I still remember the two months between submitting my undergrad application and hearing about my acceptance. I whiled away my free hours on College Confidential doing eve...

On submitted applications and the ocean's difference between A- and A

Posted by gellert, 15 December 2011 · 438 views

So today is the last day of exams, and also the application deadline for the gross majority of my schools of interests.  It feels strangely like the end of an era; this entire semester has been colored by the shadow of grad app deadlines hanging overhead, which has contributed to a constant low level of stress buzzing in the back of my mind and making me...