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To infinity and beyond

Grad School Officially Sucks

Posted by joro, 29 December 2010 · 613 views

I was first rejected by my top choice school last year and so I went with my third choice at the time.  I was pretty bummed about going there, but realized that they had more to offer than I realized.  Fast forward to completing my first semester of grad school...It sucks here!  The ONLY Professor I wanted to work with has no funding now.  The classes...

Apartment Search Nightmare

Posted by joro, 27 April 2010 · 374 views

I've been looking for an apartment for the past 3 - 4 days.  I've searched through craigslist, yelp, rent, forrent, apartments, apartmentratings, and the university's off campus housing website.  I still have no idea where I'm going to stay and the places I had an interest in turn out to be completely full.  Other places which I thought were decent turned out to be worst than expected (this is all based on pictures).When I look for an apartment, I look for certain things.  The most important thing would be the bathroom.  It has to be super clean!!  If I spot anything dirty in the pictures, especially on the tiles, it is a definite turn off.  There are also apartments which have a shared bathroom for 2 people and that's also a turn off along with a shared kitchen.  I don't know these people and my cousin experienced problems with other people eating her food while she was in grad school.  I don't mind roommates, but you can't really be sure of people without actually meeting them in person.  I'd also like on-site laundry (in the apartment) and off street/garage parking.  And all the places which fit my criteria either are already taken, won't know of availability till June, or too far from school.Am I being too picky here?  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to look for places?  I don't know if I'll be able to make the trip to look at apartments in person so I've called on the help of yelpers to let me know if these places are nice or not.  I've received a few recommendations, but it isn't enough.

Shattered Dream

Posted by joro, 17 April 2010 · 201 views

This year I applied to a total of 10 schools.  Of those 10 schools, there was really only one school I wanted to attend.  If I had my way, I would have only had applied to that one school, but I felt that I needed to apply to more schools.  This particular school had a very unique program different from all the rest.  It was an interdisciplinary program fusing art and computer science.  Employers within my industry love this program and all the students pretty much had a job waiting for them right after graduation.  They also placed a heavy emphasis on research.  It was my dream program...synthesis of art and computer science, excellent employment rate thanks to the classes, and great research.I've recently learned of 6 people who were accepted into this program.  Decisions were finalized a while ago and I've pretty much heard nothing from anyone.  No one has responded to my emails and I guess that pretty much tells me that I have not been selected among the chosen few to attend this program.  There really shouldn't be a reason why I haven't been notified if I wasn't accepted.  So the dream has been shattered...I guess I'll just go to one of the other schools that accepted me.  I'll probably be miserable attending, but what other choice do I have?

It's almost time and the most important decision still isn't here

Posted by joro, 08 April 2010 · 110 views

Only 1 week left before I have to make that final decision and I still don't even know where I'm going to go.  I was accepted to 5 of the 10 schools so far, but the most important school has yet to give me a decision.  Decisions were supposed to be released online yesterday, but still nothing and they finalized all decisions a couple days ago.  I...

Where are my decisions?

Posted by joro, 23 March 2010 · 437 views

It's basically the end of March and I still have not heard from 7 of the 10 programs I applied to.  When will my decisions arrive?  April 15th is fast approaching and I don't want to just decide on schools because I haven't heard from the more important ones on my list.

Quit playing games with my heart...

Posted by joro, 06 March 2010 · 119 views

I woke up today anxiously waiting for the mail to arrive because I didn't receive any emails from any schools this morning.  The mail is finally here and I look to see that one letter is from my dream school.  My heart starts beating faster and I tear open the envelope.  My hand starts shaking as I slowly pull out the letter.  I skim it quickly lookin...

Patience Grasshopper...

Posted by joro, 05 March 2010 · 127 views

The wait is really getting to me now.  The longer it takes a school to get back to me, the more I think that I've been added to the mass rejection email list which will probably be sent out near the end of this month.  The thing that really irks me the most is being told that decisions will be sent at the end of March.  I did a little searching to see...

First acceptance, guess I won't have to worry about getting in no where

Posted by joro, 09 February 2010 · 164 views

I received my first acceptance today from the University of Utah which is the same school Ed Catmull, the President of Pixar and Disney Animation, graduated from.  I'm very happy because I was rejected last year and I would guess that it was because of my missing LOR.  I'm very glad that I decided to find another LOR to replace him when I did this...

Things starting to look up?

Posted by joro, 09 January 2010 · 137 views

One of my favorite lecturers replied to my email for a letter of recommendation.  She said no the first time I asked her because she only had a M.S. and she felt that I would have a better chance if I were to ask someone with a PhD.  She knows me pretty well and I found her class to be really enjoyable.  I sent her all my materials, hopefully she finishes...

Anyone want to draft me a letter of recommendation? Seriously...

Posted by joro, 07 January 2010 · 206 views

If I can find someone to draft me a letter of recommendation, I plan on just giving it to my 3rd LOR so that he could just submit that.  I'll send you a SOP and resume.  Anyone want to take on this task?

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