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Quit playing games with my heart...

Posted by joro, 06 March 2010 · 119 views

I woke up today anxiously waiting for the mail to arrive because I didn't receive any emails from any schools this morning. The mail is finally here and I look to see that one letter is from my dream school. My heart starts beating faster and I tear open the envelope. My hand starts shaking as I slowly pull out the letter. I skim it quickly looking for keywords such as "regret", "congratulations", "accepted", and "denied". I stuff the letter back into its envelope and leave it sitting on my desk. It was nothing more than a financial aid notice and they wanted me to go online to fill out more information...

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What a bummer. I got some correspondence via Fedex, so that was a good indication that it was good news (no sense in spending the money to send a reject letter). Lucky for me it was an acceptance. Good luck with future mail, and I do know that acceptances come via regular mail too.
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I had one of those in the mail yesterday and one through email a few days ago. Both said something along the lines of "We can't do anything with your financial aid information until we know your acceptance status."

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I wish I could shut down all email and mail for a while and only have acceptances/rejections be delivered.
If and when I ever work on a graduate admissions board it will be my goal to get responses back to applicants as early as possible (i.e. January not April)
Good luck.
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Gee, that is so disappointing, sorry to hear it. I wish you the best of luck with future snail mail letters from colleges.
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