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Going All In

My War Room

Posted by newms, in About Me, Advice 14 October 2010 · 190 views

My "war room" is a google docs spreadsheet that I  have been maintaining since about March of this year. In it, I have a sheet with over 60 schools that I looked at initially. Being a numbers person, I assigned a grade to each of the schools based on their reputation, their research (how much they matched mine) and their location. I then multiplie...

Maybe we should all keep our goals to ourselves?

Posted by newms, in Advice 06 October 2010 · 505 views

In this TED talk, Derek Sivers argues that by sharing our goals with others we are giving ourselves a feeling of getting it done, when in fact, we are no closer to actually accomplishing our goal. This feeling of getting closer to your goal hurts your chances of actually reaching your goal since you find yourself less motivated than you should be, thinkin...

Writing a Statement of Purpose

Posted by newms, in Statement of Purpose, Advice 24 September 2010 · 6,552 views

As I am in the process of writing my statement of purpose from scratch, having decided that my SoP from last year was simply not good enough, I've decided to put together a blog post with some of the best advice on writing SoPs I've found in the last year or so of thinking about applying to grad school and perhaps the advice below from various sources can...

Top 5 Things I Did Wrong Last Year (AKA Avoid These Things Like The Plague)

Posted by newms, in About Me, Advice 23 September 2010 · 442 views
In preparing myself for this year's application season, I went over all the things I did wrong last year, so that I could improve my chances for this year. Here, I think, is where I fell short last year. Consider it a list of things to avoid for those who are wondering what to do to apply to grad school.5) I underestimated how hard it is to get into g...

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