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"I like words more than numbers, and I always did." P.R. Halmos

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As in the nearby blog, I too enjoy ordering from amazon, and we obviously get more timely feedback from amazon. I've made it through the first 100 pages of "I want to be a mathematician." Initially a slightly corny title, but a fabulous read about graduate school from the 1930s (so far). There are another 300 pages of autobiography to go.

I'm beginning to wonder...on December 7th I received: "Your application... complete for review and was delivered to the faculty admissions committee today. The evaluation process generally takes three to five weeks. However, it is not unusual for the decision to be delayed beyond this time due to a number of factors."

So how much past five weeks do I wait before asking?

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You should search for the university on by typing in "math* university*." Then look when they handed out their first acceptance last year or the year before that. I made a calendar of all these events. =)

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