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A Rant About My Transcript



Well not really a rant, since I'm not much of a 'ranter', but it's a close to a rant as I get.

I'm scanning my official transcript to upload it to my applications and I'm noticing that it says my GPA is 0.00!!

I graduated before my UG instituted a GPA system, and I graduated with honors. At the time they used an A+, A, A-, B+, B, B- etc system. Two years after I graduated they implemented a GPA system and if that GPA system were applied retroactively, my GPA would have been about 3.93. I guess they don't want to put an official GPA on my transcript since there wasn't a GPA system when I was there, but come on, 0.00!?! Couldn't they just have left the GPA field blank? What's worse is that the transcript itself says nothing explaining why the GPA is 0.00. Each course has the grade points I earned beside it as well as the credit hours, but the total GPA at the end is 0.00. It's like they went half way to converting my grades to a GPA, but left the final score at 0.00.

I know that schools will look at my transcript for what it is and obviously wouldn't take it that my GPA is 0.00, but 0.00 does not look good at all on a transcript.

Should I include a cover note explaining the situation when I mail my transcripts? I could also send a link to the GPA conversion information on my UG's website.


On the application form itself, there will almost definitely (well there's an oxymoron for you) be a space to type in your GPA. My general understanding is that admissions people don't look at everyone's actual transcripts, only the ones of people they're seriously considering--at which point they will know perfectly well your GPA is not 0.00

Also, I highly doubt you are the only one in this situation. Likely the profs have seen it before.

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On the application form itself, there will almost definitely (well there's an oxymoron for you) be a space to type in your GPA.

Good point, Sparky.

I wanted to add that if your GPA was truly 0.00, you wouldn't have graduated!! :P I think people will figure it out...

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Thanks for the replies. Yeah I realize that schools wouldn't think that my GPA was really 0.00, but I was hoping that my UG would have retroactively applied the GPA system to my grades and I would have a nice 3.93 on my transcript - instead of the nicely rounded 0.00 that adorns itsmile.gif

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I am so sorry for this awful misprint. I hope you can get it sorted out. Not to laugh at your misfortunes, but I just about cried reading this and giggled a bit too loud for the library (which is where I am currently). Such horrible things we have to go through just to get our application in order!

Best of luck.

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Hi Newms,

I just saw this or would have replied earlier.

Both points are right. They won't look at your transcript until they're considering you seriously. At that point, if your 0.0 has any effect on their consideration of you, do YOU really want to go there???

Cheers, John

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Don't be such a worry-wart. Their computer system probably doesn't allow blank fields so it fills in a zero. Nobody will think your GPA is actually 0 and it may cost substantial money to fix a non-problem.

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