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First deadline: after tomorrow... Thank God it's a Mideast studies department!

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I'm almost done with the writing sample I've been working on for over three months. And by 'working', I mean 'procrastinating'. Incidentally, I just went crazy and decided to write another one to send it to three of my schools.

Okay, here's the deal: I'm applying to two Middle Eastern Studies, one Cultural Studies and three Comp Lit programs. My current writing sample is on a poem in colloquial Egyptian Arabic by an Egyptian poet. It's related to my research interests, ties in nicely with my SoP, touches on interdisciplinary perspectives... But it's not comparative. I want to submit a commentaire comparé to Comp Lit programs.

I did a close-reading of a French poem a month ago, and now I'm thinking I could turn it into a longer, comparative paper. Deadlines are January 2 and 10 for Comp Lit programs. My finals start in less than 2 weeks; orals are on the 29th, and written exams start January 9, which means I should start studying for them, uh, right about now. And yet I'm going to finish my current paper tomorrow, then start translating and expanding on the close-reading one, and adding another analyzed text to it.

Am I crazy? Probably.

Save me from myself.

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Great job! Are you crazy? Peut-être... ;) But then again, aren't we all (on this site anyway)?

It's the home stretch! Bon courage !! Tu vas réussir !

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If I weren't, I wouldn't be here! :D

Merci! I think I'll make it. I just hope I don't fail this semester's classes because of this. Especially Arabic, which is a nightmare unto itself.

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