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Emailing POI's

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So now I am getting into the mode of emailing POI's. All sorts of questions are poping into my mind at the moment. While I will be talking to my research adviser about this ( hes making a specific point that we should) I am also wonder what other people's point of view when first approaching a POI for the first time, when trying to figure out if they have space available in their lab and why you think that they would be a good fit. I know that there are thread's on here about them. I have been reading them. I am still nervous about them. Is this normal? I am going into the sciences and especially in the geosciences this seems normal. But I don't want to come off as a complete ass, pardon my language. I will of course run a final pass by my adviser, but does anyone have any advice on where to start? im starting to get all excited about the process!


how do I put my best foot forward?

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I think being nervous seems normal. The first email is the hardest, and then afterwards, it gets easier than tying your shoes! (Okay, (bad) hyperbole, but whatever.)

Maybe start with their websites, read two or three of their papers on topics of interest to get a feel for what they're doing, and ask them about where they think they're going to be going with the project, and if there are any opportunities for Ph.D. thesis research in that area.

Good luck! PM me for more info--if you want a template or whatever.

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Approaching POIs is perfectly fine.

When I was applying to schools, I did write a couple emails to POIs. In the emails I wrote, I remember introducing myself and briefly stating my research, who I work with, and what I am interested in. I just asked them straight out if they are interested in taking new students, which I'm not sure if it's your style (I'm a "what I say is what I mean" person). Like waddle mentioned, read some papers from the labs and relate from there.

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