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Tall Chai Latte


Hello GradCafe,

In this somewhat chilly afternoon, I am trying to produce some progress before I head home for thanksgiving. I haven't visited this site (and the blog) for a while, it's a good time to take a moment and write something.

After my journey with numerous rotations (let's say, more than 3, to remain anonymous on the internet), I settled down in a lab. During the course of my super rotation journey, I also picked up running. This morning I just completed my first 5K run with 43 minutes. Not bad for a rookie eh?

For the semester, I have to take a literature course required by my new department. Students are required to take turn and present the latest literature from a selection of fields, chosen by the professors teaching the course. None of the fields directly pertains to my background (some are totally unrelated), presenting/critiquing the papers became harder for me than other students in the class, with some of them came directly from that area and/or are currently doing research in those areas. Although I am trying my best to offer my two cents in coming up hypothetical 'future directions' for each paper I present, and contribution to the general discussion, I can't help feeling a little worried from time to time... Oh well, what can you do? The only thing I can do is to tough it out at every presentation and take the questions the best I can, putting on a thick skin helps.

I just want to pass... And move on to the next challenge...

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Totally empathize with your concerns about lit. discussion-based classes. I'm switching fields and definitely feel pretty stupid and/or underprepared almost all the time. Good luck!

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