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  2. Unfortunately not! I have a few mid-term examinations that week, and my current university administration is a stickler for these arrangements (especially when they were announced at the start of the semester). Let me know if you do attend Welcome Day / accept the offer? Would be nice to know someone - albeit virtually - if we do attend the same school.
  3. I don't know if you all are including STEP in this thread, but I think STEP and Master's applications were due on the same day (Jan 10th for me?) and I received my admission email last Friday... hopefully they're coming for you soon? They also notified us that their online portal is under maintenance through Wednesday so we can't log in and accept our official offers. Maybe they delayed sending out their admission emails for other programs for a few days to prevent a buildup?
  4. That's fantastic!
  5. It was just a matter of bad luck perhaps, I hope that this time its gonna be different.
  6. Ah! I had no idea! Thank you SG! It looks like my references have not been contacted so I imagine I'm out! Best of luck to all of you!
  7. erpayo, you can check in the system if the referees have been contacted. when they contact referees, on the reference page there is a yellow bar (all above) indicating that referees have been contacted and no changes in reference data can be made anymore. in addition, next to each referee's name you would see marked 'requested' or 'completed', depending on reference submission status.
  8. oh :/ i am so sorry to heart that!!!! their loss, okay?? keep the faith!!
  9. Today
  10. I think it depends from program to program. I believe that there are different days for different programs. Someone I know got their decision for ICE on 6th/7th March a couple of years back. 1st week of March for all us I guess!
  11. Michigan accepts 10 students in poetry and 12 in fiction each year. On GradCafe, there was 1 poetry acceptance and 2 fiction acceptances. I'm not on Draft but if there were just a few... less than 19 acceptances... there may be hope for us yet?
  12. If your goal is phil. rel. in a religious studies department, an MA/MTS/MAR is great. If you want to be in a philosophy PhD program, you would be better served by a philosophy MA. It's not to say that the jump is impossible. Just that one track tends to yield better results than the other. That said, it sounds like you'll have as competitive an application as anyone in your position so who knows. The whole process is one big crapshoot anyway.
  13. Neither did I and I applied for an interdisciplinary program as well.
  14. "Am I getting too anxious as a result of one program's decision?" Yes. At the master's level , sometimes the more prestigious Ivy League schools would be easier to get into, simply because they have more spots than a state school, which might have 1-2 slots. At least this is my impression.
  15. Seems about right!
  16. Radio shack (does this even still exist?!)
  17. How did it go? Were you accepted? I'm working on my personal statement at the moment. There are some tips on this website - Social Work Personal Statement - that I find helpful. Maybe someone will find them useful as well.
  18. I also got accepted to Kansas state University, are you planning to attend?
  19. I was glad to see another ND acceptance! @Bibica I got a follow-up email about whether I could make the visit days on 30/31 March so it seems like they are trying to firm up numbers for the visit. @philpot all I can tell you is that my follow-up email also gave me some new updates, which suggests to me that my offer went out in an early "wave"... Good luck!
  20. Hello everyone! Hope everyone's day is going great! Apologies in advance if there is already a thread for students moving to Canada for grad school but I could not find a recent one so I decided to create this. Voila! Please feel free to give any advice for international students moving to Canada. I grew up in the States so I'd imagine there is not too many major differences but I am still nervous! Also, if y'all are in the same boat as me, please please drop a line and let the introductions begin. Have a great day ahead. Bella
  21. Congrats on the acceptances in your signature! You have great stats. Can you tell me anything about your time in linguistics and education as an undergrad? I'm also considering education now. I just can't seem to make up my mind! Which major did you find was more related/beneficial to you for grad school? The easy answer I'm thinking is linguistics, but I can also see how acquiring the foundations of becoming a teacher could help a future SLP. I see applicants freaking out over not getting accepted with 3.8 GPA's and it's very daunting, so it's nice to see someone with a 3.54 get into so many schools! Side note -- it drives me crazy how competitive this field is! Non SLP majors think anything above a 3.0 is a competitive GPA, but we have people freaking out in fear of not getting in to grad school with GPA's in the 3.5's through .8's!
  22. @IKBlue I haven't met with my POI yet, and have been waiting to hear back regarding an interview. I don't know what this says about my chances so far...We did email back and forth about it for a bit though.
  23. Coffee.
  24. I have two tattoos on my arms that are pretty visible though I wear long sleeves often. Not to cover tattoos but because I like clothes with long sleeves. Also, never had any troubles because of tattoos.
  25. I'm so jealous. I love his books.
  26. I am in with a 50% Deans's Merit Scholarship. Was honestly hoping for a bit more than that as the cost is still a bit high for me (not to mention that I am an international student so most decent loans are out of the question). Will most probably see you at the Merit Scholars event on the 31st if I can get the time off work.
  27. @mapiau What do you think of UCSD's career services? I was looking their student internships, and I see that people are getting really amazing opportunities working for IPA, UNHCR, Foreign Policy Research Institute, and so much more. I also see that they have specialized career counselors based on the type of work opportunities. Have you had any direct experience with them? Do you think UCSD lacks DC connections? I know it is not the MIA program, but it seems like the MPP program has very similar classes.
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