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  6. That sounds pretty terrible, but it depends on how demanding your program is. I have about a half hour commute into campus each day, and I've been forced to spend the night more than I would really appreciate because if it's 2am and I'm still in lab and have to be back at 7, it's much more reasonable to just crash on a couch somewhere on campus.
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  8. Hello everyone, I got into the MIA program for 2017, wanted to check others who have. Anyone here who got in?
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  11. I haven't seen one yet, I didn't know whether or not to make one lol
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  13. Hey y'all! Seeing no one started a thread, I wanted to see who's coming down to OSU this fall. I'm an international student to start my PhD in Learning technologies. How are your preparations coming along?
  14. Whoa! Congrats! Did you message SFU?
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  20. Hello folks, I have put together a statement of purpose for my MBA. I am short on time and wrote this down in a hurry. I have penned it in a different way than usual and hence it would be great to receive some feedback on the same. Let me know if anybody can help me with it. Also, I can review your letters for you. Have uploaded the doc on my drive. Follow the link to read it. You can also comment in the doc itself. Statement of Purpose - https://goo.gl/uz1kAK
  21. Hi, I have been putting together a statement in a rush for an MBA. I would surely love some feedback and I can return the favor. Let me know!
  22. I hope by the time you read this, you already have a happy ending with your plan. I was in a similar situation where I wanted to switch advisor/program, but not because I hated my current field, but because my current advisor is just a bad advisor/bad teacher/bad researcher and I lost my respect/motivation to work with him. I applied to another school without telling my current advisor. I actually contacted the advisor from my new school and told him briefly the reason why I wanted to leave. I applied and got accepted (I asked for LOR from the profs that I'm doing TA for and other profs that I'm taking class with - I did share with them the reason why I wanted to leave) but then when I told my current advisor that I'd leave the lab (I told him in Feb, before I got accepted to new school). He immediately shut me down on my RA contract and did some horrible things to me. Anyway, my advice is: really judge your advisor and see if she would support you or not. Depends on the reason why you leave, I think it's safe to play low profile sometimes.
  23. sadly ,i also got rejected by U o A ,Global Health. i am clueless as to why when i have already a masters degree in nutrition and 3-4 years work exp in community health.My bear track application kept showing incomplete all this while with a status of documents pending for which i had written an email to them earlier and they told me this was by default and they have my documents with them.I don't know what the factors contributing to rejection.I am an international applicant .can this be one of the factors...quite unsure !
  24. Can't say. They said they'll role out decisions by April end.
  25. Nope! I had four interviews BEFORE applications and two after, rejected by three, waitlisted by one, accepted by two. It just depends on who you're interviewing for/with, people they're also interviewing, and if you're a good fit for their program.
  26. Yes thank you. We have a Research Integrity Office at my university and I'll email them to ask what I should do. I really just want everything to be fair and square. That's all.
  27. Ah, I see. Well, you know him and are the best judge of whether it's a good idea to involve him in this.
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