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    • topschool  »  Administrator

      Hello Administrator,
      How can I take off my post content?  Your help is greatly appreciated.
      Thank you,
      · 0 replies
    • iamthesith4382  »  spunky

      Hi Spunky,
      I noticed your name come up a lot on the forums on Quantitative Psychology. I recently found out about that area of psychology (I used to be interested in Clinical), and I think my interests can be addressed really well by Quantitative. Specifically, I'm interested in the measurement involved in psychological disorders with particular emphasis on personality disorders. In addition, I'm interested in applying item response theory to these different measures. Looking at the slim information on quantitative online, I think my interest could be addressed much better in these programs than Clinical.
      Anyway, I'm getting off topic. My big question to you, is what can I do to improve my application beyond the basic have a good GRE, good GPA, etc.? I am not applying for programs until the Fall of 2017.
      Recently I spoke with a Quantitative professor that offered to teach me R in an independent study. Is that a good idea?
      I'll admit I don't have a calculus background beyond Calc I, but I do have a course on multivariate statistics. Do you think this will be a problem?
      My last question might be a kind of weird one. Is there anything that applicants say/do that is specifically a deal breaker in quant programs? 
      Thanks for taking the time! I've been having a lot of trouble finding answers to these questions. When you look online for information about clinical, there's an abundance of information, but not for quant.
      · 1 reply
    • sshresth12  »  StatMaster2016

      Hey, um so I noticed that you got into great MS Programs last year and was wondering if you could give us an idea about your profile? I am interested in the UChicago and AM Harvard Statistics program but my GRE Quant score is bugging me (165-Q, 163-V, 4-AWA).
      A late congratulations again! Thank You!
      · 3 replies
    • Threeboysmom

      Third year underway!
      · 0 replies
    • PhysicsProf1  »  T.J

      I already have a Ph.D. in Physics ( studied protein dynamics with lasers and coherent X-rays ) from a mid-level school in USA. I  could not do a post doc due to my child's medical condition and had to move to a different state for his treatment. I did not have any connections or a network to secure a post doc/ research scholar position over there and ended up as a part-time Physics instructor teaching at several community colleges. Did this for almost 2 years and my kid is now doing fine.

      I really want to get back on a research career and thinking of doing a second Ph.D.  this time in BME with a specialization in Biophotonics. From my previous Ph.D. I got 2 peer review publications ( both 2 author), 4 conference abstracts, and 2 posters. I am sure I can get 3-4 good recommendation letters from my supervisors, and currently working on doing the GRE general. Do you have any advice as a current Ph.D. in BME? Do you know if schools will accept me since I already have a Ph.D. ? 

      Thank you in advance for your time! 
      · 0 replies
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