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    2017 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    Finally got accepted to my top choice school today! Either I was not on a waitlist or someone declined an offer.
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    Fulbright 2017-2018

  3. 10 points

    Fulbright 2017-2018

    Promoted from Alternate for Korea ETA yesterday! I don't think I've ever been more excited! I'm thrilled to meet some of you guys. Have any Korea ETAs received their Grant Authorization Document yet? I'm eager to know the details of the grant, particularly our departure date!
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    Well this thread is quite intimidating. So many Ivy level schools. I'll be heading to Baylor in the fall. Good Luck to everyone!
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    Fall 2017 Waitlist Thread

    After waiting for what seems like an eternity...today I was officially accepted off the waitlist to my first choice, which is the University of Georgia! I am so excited!
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    Resources for New Graduate Students in Sociology

    Hi all, Over the last several days I've discovered a wealth of resources on the Internet for new graduate students, many of them directly relevant to sociology. I hope this list benefits others as much as it is helping me prepare for the challenges - and enjoyment - to come. How to Get the Mentoring You Want: A Guide for Graduate Students (University of Michigan Rackham Graduate School): http://www.rackham.umich.edu/downloads/publications/mentoring.pdf Grad Skool Roolz: Everything You Need to Know about Academia from Admissions to Tenure, by Fabio Rojas (Sociology at Indiana): https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/93455 No More Lame Prosems: Professional Development Seminars in Sociology, by Chris Uggen (Sociology at Minnesota) and Heather Hlvaka, Sociology at Marquette): http://users.soc.umn.edu/~uggen/uggen_hlavka_ch_08.pdf Talk given to the First Year Graduate Student Proseminar at the University of California, Berkeley, Sociology Department, Fall 2007 (John Levi Martin, Sociology at Chicago ): http://home.uchicago.edu/~jlmartin/Talks/Notes on talk to graduate students at proseminar.pdf How to Survive Your First Year of Graduate School in Economics, by Matthew Pearson (Economics): https://law.vanderbilt.edu/phd/How_to_Survive_1st_Year.pdf How to Publish, by Kwan Choi (Economics): http://www.roie.org/how.htm Info and Advice for Graduate Students (University of Maryland, Economics): http://terpconnect.umd.edu/~limao/graduate_info.pdf Advice for First-Year Ph.D. Students in Economics at Cornell: http://www.economics.cornell.edu/graduate-program/gsafe/advice-first-year-phd-students-economics-cornell Reflections on Surviving the Academic Job Market (R. Karl Rethemeyer, Public Affairs at Albany): http://www.albany.edu/rockefeller/gateway_docs/job_market_resources/2014/ReflectionsJobMrkt_AoM_July14.pdf Graduate School Success by PhDs.org: http://www.phds.org/graduate-school-success Peter Bearman's AMA - Sociology Job Market Rumors: http://www.socjobrumors.com/topic/peter-bearmans-ama Looking forward to reading others' discoveries as well!
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    2017 Final Decisions

    ENFIN ENFIN ENFIN!!! Indiana University baby!! Finally got an offer of financial support after many long months of waiting!
  8. 7 points
    Now that the dust has settled, I hope everyone has a successful year ahead of them! Thank you all for sharing, venting, crying, and cheering with me. The support on the forum was so helpful.
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    Scarlet A+

    2017 Final Decisions

    Everything is in! I am officially going to The University of Alabama (for an MA), the proud winner of their Graduate Council Fellowship!! Pretty soon I'll have a challenging and rewarding education, a new home with my partner (who also got accepted, as a TA), a new dog, and a more than livable wage ($17,000 fellowship + part-time tutoring job + double income household). I could not be more excited about this chapter in my life!
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    Feeling a lot of guilt today

    If they weren't offering enough money for you to sustain yourself, were they really that welcoming? Well intentioned, maybe, but you should remember that they were willing for you to take on serious debt in order to be there. Taking the offer with funding was and is the smarter decision! It's okay to be unsure, but once the dust has settled, you should start finding ways to get excited about your new school -- sometimes it can take some time, especially when the process is emotionally difficult, but at the end of the day you made the right decision, and you should be proud of that.
  11. 7 points

    Fall 2017 applicants

    Hello all! I haven't been popping in, but thought I would update anyone interested on how it all shook out. I aimed very high with my history apps and did not get admitted. I tried (unsuccessfully) to make the case that my MS Environmental Science could help me contribute in a novel way to the study of Environmental History. It may not be that they didn't like the idea, but just not how I approached it. I will admit that there were a couple of other weak spots in my app. That being said, the adcomm at my MS institution unanimously voted to admit me to the PhD program were I will continue my work in Coastal and Marine System Science in Socio-Economics. This is a good fit, and this process has confirmed that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. The funding is great, my colleagues are noteworthy, and the time to degree is a lot shorter than if I 'restarted' in the humanities. History, it seems, will remain an avocation--although I think I might have an Environmental Anthro chapter in my dissertation. Generally things are good. My data came in and is showing some significant results, I presented it last week at a conference, and have submitted a draft for an early June defense. I will spend the summer getting it published, and the data set looks to be robust enough to warrant a second pub which should also go out the door late summer. Oh, and I am closing on a house next week! If I had it to do over I wouldn't change a thing. I put my best materials together and knew it was a long shot (for the types of programs I applied) going in, so have no regrets. I was walking into my research institute the other day and found myself thinking that I like every day more than the previous one...which is a cool place to be. I hope everyone is at peace with how the cycle worked out...good, bad, or ugly...and I wish you all the best moving forward.
  12. 6 points

    Decision Thread

    It's done. I'm going to Milwaukee!
  13. 6 points
    In a previous post you say your stats are 158/162 and 3.36 (GRE and GPA) and that you applied for MS admission at some of the best schools in the U.S. and Canada. Honestly, you should be happy that your schools are looking beyond numbers instead getting all high and mighty.
  14. 5 points
    Hey everyone! I'm very excited to have been offered a spot at Rutgers––I received word yesterday from Hanneline on Easter, no less. I look forward to meeting some of you this year, and feel free to reach out if you also plan to attend Rutgers and have been lurking on here. Fingers crossed for everyone on any wait lists––I can empathize with the prolonged uncertainty. For myself, it was super helpful making new work in the interim, sending in some grant and residency applications (one which already led to a studio visit with a curator/gallerist), and spending time outdoors. Wishing everyone the best with your results, big moves, and art-making practice. It's such a privilege to be able to pursue our work in this current political climate. We are all in this together, and it's great to have a forum to freak out about the whole process as well!
  15. 5 points
    Stanford Genetics! Anyone else going to Stanford?
  16. 5 points

    Acceptance Thread

    Accepted off the waitlist at Rutgers!!!!
  17. 5 points
    I think we are all self absorbed, on all "sides" Lets all remember that people are people are people. There are monsters in the world, but lets not create more because we aren't getting our way. Most people aren't hanging on several acceptances because they want to torture those on the wait list, and the people on the wait list aren't less qualified, and may have the same credentials as those considering multiple acceptances. It is the luck of the draw. Those with several acceptances- Be considerate, if you know you aren't going to accept, then tell them so. Those waiting- be patient and don't create villains where there are none. It is a long and painful process for everyone involved. Lets not make it more painful by attacking eachother.
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    Electric Anxiety

    Acceptance Thread

    Just got accepted off the waitlist at the University of Oklahoma yesterday! It seems like most people are done, but I'm just getting started haha. University of Utah is still working through their lists for instance. But the Oklahoma offer is funded with the normal benefits so I'm beyond excited!
  19. 4 points

    Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    Just got off the waitlist. but also
  20. 4 points

    Language for a Victorianist?

    I'm going to throw in German as a suggestion. I don't know much about German fiction of the era, but I know that there was frequent and important exchange of ideas between England and Germany. And if you want to delve into the areas around the Victorian era for contextualization purposes, the German Romanticists set some precedents. Disclaimer: I'm not a Victorianist.
  21. 4 points

    2017 Final Decisions

    Hi all, friendly lurker here—I'll be at Cornell in the fall as well! Actually in the Comp Lit department, but I'm sure I'll be spending a fair amount of time down the hall in English
  22. 4 points

    Decision Thread

    Just declined Boston University and Georgetown (with funding). And I plan to accept my offer from Riverside!
  23. 4 points

    Post your Final Choice! (2017)

    After getting off the waitlist my final choice is: Emory University Research Areas: Education, Mental Health, and Music Reason: Overall awesome fit, loved the faculty (one even does specific research on the intersection of music and mental health) I was also waitlisted at Ohio State University, but Emory was definitely the right choice for me
  24. 4 points

    Post your Final Choice! (2017)

    Acceptances you had: UCONN, Albany, Umass Amherst Research Area: Women and Children issues, Middle East, Military Families Final Choice: Umass Reason: I really liked the faculty there. The drive wasn't horrible (unlike Albany), and it was a top 30 program (unlike UCONN).
  25. 3 points

    2017 Biology Final Decision Threads!

    Hey all! I really wanted to start an acceptance thread for a while, but I waited! Hopefully, it's around a good time right now to start one. I wanted to ask all of you macro/micro biologists on this site about what programs you'll be attending starting this fall. Starting with me: I'm attending USC's MBBO program~! I'm going to be a Marine Biologist. Where are you all attending and what program? Or what two schools are you deciding between?
  26. 3 points
    Ok, so I chose Johns Hopkins. I got into CMM.
  27. 3 points

    Language for a Victorianist?

    This is conjecture on my part, but I would assume that for someone going into a graduate program in English, learning new languages is most useful when it allows you to work with material that's relevant to your project but not widely translated. So, for instance, I would assume that a few terms of university German would not substantially improve your understanding of Freud; you're probably better off working with a good translation. But, let's say you're interested in drawing on cultural sociology for your dissertation: reading knowledge of French will probably significantly expand the amount of secondary material available to you (+ open up opportunities for research travel and transatlantic exchange), since that is an active field in France (from what I understand) and much of the work hasn't been translated.
  28. 3 points
    There are two competition dates for the Michael Smith--and one is coming up in June. I wouldn't read much into this. We're in the system & so we have the form available to us.
  29. 3 points

    Acceptance Thread

    Just got the offer from USC! I will be declining the Oxford BPhil offer.
  30. 3 points

    April 15th and commitment question

    I agree with @rising_star and also want to point out that any student is free to quit their program at any time, even before starting it. So, you should not "fake-commit" to any school at any time. However, today, on April 15, you only have one offer and nothing is certain about the other two. There is nothing wrong with committing to this school today because you don't actually have any other offers. It would be wrong to take this offer with the intention of taking another offer that you already have. But at this point, you don't have any other firm plans so you can accept this current offer in good faith. Then, if something better comes along later on, then there is also nothing wrong* with backing out of your offer and taking something different. (Nothing ethically wrong, but you'll have to be prepared that the people at this school will be unhappy that you quit their program and if you want to apply to PhD programs there, it might make it harder for you). That said, the better approach would have been to ask for an extension and go with the above plan if they say no. But it's April 15 today, so it is probably too late to ask for an extension (you could try emailing right now though).
  31. 3 points

    Fall 2017 MFA

    And I'm in. Vermont college of fine arts. What a journey to even get here. So much support on this forum. Thank you. Be well. Keep writing.
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    Stanford biosciences, Berkeley mcb, UCSF tetrad

    I wasn't trying to call your question stupid, and I apologize if that's how it came across. You asked how confident you can be that flow cytometry will be hot in six years, and I was simply trying to say that there is no way to know. Science, academia and biotech, change as questions change. It's not common for a technique like CRISPR to come along and change the field. And to be honest if you ask a lot of top scientists today, many will say CRISPR might not be hot much longer. Microarray was hot five years ago, now it's becoming worthless. Unfortunately, there are many people who spend six years on a PhD, but that's no way to approach the process. You should plan to finish your PhD in four years. Do this by writing every day from the beginning, preparing early for grants, joining a lab as soon as you can, and making the most out of every rotation. What job sector? You are becoming a scientist. There's like a 50% chance or more that you will completely change your career plans. Go into your PhD with the goal of becoming a great scientist and an expert in your field. Then decide if a biotech post-doc is right for you. Techniques come from necessity. If your research involves hunting for genes that are being affected by a compound, learn NGS. But don't waste time learning something that will not help your lab. Of course, you can join a lab that employs the techniques you like, but don't join a lab solely for the techniques. You will be unhappy for the next six (!) years. You are on here demanding to know which of three top schools is the best. You then demand to know which techniques to learn. It's just a lot. This will be condescending, so prepare yourself: in a year from now you are going to look back on these posts and think, "wow, I was being a jerk." Take this time to appreciate how lucky you are to have the choices you have, and appreciate the fact that your life will largely consist of hanging out in a cool building in a fun city being paid to poke DNA. Relax and enjoy the process.
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    2017 Final Decisions

    I was originally on the waitlist, and am 99% sure after speaking to the DGS that I'm taking the spot you declined. So as far as I'm concerned, should our paths ever cross, your gigantic beverage of choice is on me!
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    2017 Biology Final Decision Threads!

    Congratulations to all of you! I've been lurking in the forum during the application season but I have now confirmed my first choice and I'll be attending the Developmental Biology program at Cincinnati Children's Hospital! I'm excited and nervous at the same time!
  35. 3 points

    Decision Thread

    My professor to me yesterday: "You've been accepted to Florida State which has Al Mele and UC Riverside which has John Martin Fischer. How will you decide?"
  36. 3 points

    Who else is feeling crazy emotional right now?

    Thank god I'm not the only one. I assumed that once applications were over and decisions were out, the stress would go way down. NOPE! I go through an internal struggle daily over what school I want to go to and the countdown until April 15th feels way worse than application deadlines. Like you said, it's a great problem to have, but I'm also so worried about making the wrong decision. I was pretty sure I was leaning towards School A, then I learned faculty at School B had a million great things to say about me which of course caused irrational tears and a reevaluation. Sometimes I wish I had only been accepted at one place haha.
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    Why Didn't Anyone Want to be my Friend?

    we all have a type. I figured out I interact better with athletes, outdoors people, and I like to talk/learn about practical social issues. I also learned that I don't like interacting with the party hard balls to the wall people, who talk and complain about random shit all the time, not to say they're bad, but it's just not the type of environment that I thrive in. you have a type too. from what I've gathered, you're not being very selective on who you want to be your friend. you're just kind of spilling seeds everywhere, hoping something would grow. I think you should think about who you are, and the types of people you want to hang out with. it's like a lot of things in life, if it's too easy to get, nobody will want it. In my department, there are only a few people that I feel like I can be real with. I'm not exactly a socialite who's a hub of connections, but I'm perfectly ok with having a few people that I can really rely on. that's just my take on this.
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    2017 Biology Final Decision Threads!

    ECU Biology!
  39. 2 points

    Fulbright 2017-2018

    Hey! I got Korea ETA too! I literally just joined this forum after stalking it throughout the entire app process, haha. Do you know if there's a facebook group for us yet? I have so many questions about all our forms and I'd like to get hyped with others, so I'm wondering if I should create one.
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    May help folks who want to give you advice if you post your original GRE scores. If your first score was Q: 150 and V: 160 that's very different than a score of Q: 165 and V: 145, both of which are "310". In general I'm inclined to think that improving your GRE by 10-15 points is unlikely to change your results dramatically.
  41. 2 points

    2017 Acceptances

    I am normally in the Theatre side of the forum, but I recently got an acceptance from Cal Poly Pomona for their Masters in English, with an option in literature!
  42. 2 points
    Black Beauty

    Phd without funding?

    @aeroHans I am very sorry that UCLA or University of Washington (Seattle) did not provide you with funding. I am in agreement with @fuzzylogician statements that you should be prepared to not have funding the second and future years. I applied to UW (Seattle) because one of my undergraduate professors was very impressed with the university's programs and suggested I applied. Like all the other schools I intended to apply to, I did my research and thought I was very thorough in eliminating schools where FULL funding was not available for the duration of their programs. I was thrilled when I got the invitation to interview and tour UW facilities. But with all the research I did, was surprised when I heard that funding could be a problem after the first year, unless you won an outside fellowship/ scholarship. Upon returning home, I sent an email to UW stating that I no longer wished to be considered for admission because FUNDING was one of my TOP criteria when applying to schools. I would not enroll at a school that did not provide funding and take the chance that I MIGHT be able to secure funding in the following years. This move is very risky.
  43. 2 points

    Waitlist Movement

    For anyone waiting on Boston College, I just heard today. I removed my name from the waitlist, but they should be notifying all remaining waitlist candidates of your status by April 20. I also received an official rejection from North Carolina - Chapel Hill, so if you were waiting on final notification for that program, you might check your email. Still no word from Indiana, but I'll post when/if I know more for those who are waiting!
  44. 2 points

    Feeling a lot of guilt today

    Well, hopefully they can understand that funding is really important in the decision. And -- I really believe this is true -- there is no "one perfect fit" that is the only one for us. There are many options out there that lead us in different directions, and you never know what would have been if you'd gone down another path. All you can do is embrace the one you're on and believe that it, too, has good things about it that will get you toward your final goal, although the actual path you take might be different.
  45. 2 points

    Genetic Counseling Fall 2017 Applicants

    Right?! Time is just crawling along. I really empathize with Marvel's Quicksilver. I need to focus on the exciting things I have to look forward to this week. My kindergartener is performing the play tonight that his adorable kindergarten theater group has been working on for months. It's all 5-7 year old kids, and they wrote the script, designed the sets and costumes, and of course are acting. It's gonna be so great. Some night this week, I'm gonna hang out with a woman I've always admired but never became close with - she texted me and said she feels the same way and wants to be more intentional about becoming friends. In addition to that, I'm going to meet with my last doula client for our last prenatal visit, which is both bittersweet because she's my last one and exciting, because it means that a baby is coming. What are you looking forward to this week, team?
  46. 2 points
    Give it 1 to 2 weeks, you will see a lot more offers being made.
  47. 2 points


    I just accepted my offer Very scary lol
  48. 2 points

    2017 Biology Final Decision Threads!

    @biomednyc I'm really happy for you! I think you will have a great graduate school career, and I know a lot of fantastic scientists at Penn. As a Harvard student, I think it behooves me to make a few points: 1) We have over 800 faculty from which to choose, so you will find someone who fits your needs at Harvard, 2) I never feel isolated or like I'm just a number. The BBS office treats every student like it's a program with five students, 3) There is no evidence of high faculty turnover at Harvard. I asked about that when I was choosing a graduate program and I was given data that suggest nearly, if not every, junior faculty member at Harvard gets tenure. To corroborate, see this opinion piece. 4) You can, without doubt, get a place in many Boston cities/neighborhoods (e.g., Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, Dorchester, Revere, Medford, Allston, Mission Hill) by yourself on the Harvard stipend. Again, this is not aimed toward you to make you feel like you made a bad decision. Simply liking one program over the other is sufficient to make a decision. However, it is important to keep the facts on record straight for future applicants and recruits. Harvard's reputation for being snobby or whatever comes from people perpetuating misinformation. When I told my undergraduate PI of four years that I got into Harvard, he spent thirty minutes trying to convince me to go elsewhere using misinformation like faculty are always leaving, the city is awful, they will look for any reason to kick out a student and save money. None of that is true. Anyway, good luck at Penn! For real, I see a lot of good research coming from faculty in CAMB.
  49. 2 points

    Proposal Blues

    Best advice I can give: find a way to work with the ones you get along with more, and realize that you won't be able to change the ones who do things that annoy you or aren't compatible with your work style. It's better to work with people with compatible work styles even if their interests aren't as close to yours than with ones who are technically a better match but will drive you crazy. Also: - learn to do your own research and not to expect faculty to know about formal requirements; they so often don't. - instead of saying "I sent you an email about this two weeks ago", reply to that original email whenever you follow up on a topic. - put everything you agree to with your committee in writing (send a summary email after meetings). They don't need to reply, but it's good to have a record. - (if you haven't yet,) make sure you pick committee members who get along with one another, and appoint a chair. The chair should have the final say in case of disagreements. And as with my advice above, having people who get along is more important than having the people with the closest match for your interests. - talk to more advanced students (if you're in your final year, find them at conferences, or email them!), and talk to them about their process. Learn about when the ball was dropped with them, and generally what the process was like. Also, for commiseration, I almost didn't apply for an NSFDRIG: first, I found out it existed totally by accident (long story), and when I asked if I should apply, my advisor said something like "oh, sure, that would be a good idea!" .. but I guarantee you that if I hadn't brought it up, they would have never told me. And then it turned out that there was a secret institution-internal deadline for proposal submission that no one told me about, and I found out two days *after* it passed. I was also away, traveling at the time. But we all got our asses into gear and worked hard and get an extra-special extension from the office of sponsored research, and eventually made it work (and I got the grant!). But yeah, I shouldn't have trusted other people to lead me through the process, that caused a whole lot of stress and almost led to failure.
  50. 2 points
    Is there a way for you to delay graduating -- e.g. take a leave of absence to recover, restore your mental health to a better place, diagnose and treat your ADHD, and catch up on work? It's too bad someone didn't suggest this for your spring semester (and frankly, even for the fall semester) and it might be too late now, but if possible, I think the thing to do is to talk to your advisor and/or your DGS both about the ADHD and about the grieving process, and see if you can make up some lost time and stability by slowing down. You say that you work hard and don't take breaks -- that too isn't healthy, and isn't actually a good way to catch up or keep all your balls in the air. It's pretty much a guaranteed way to wear yourself out and eventually drop balls all over the place. So given that you were on the right track last year before your father died, you can't quite rewind to that point, but you could ask to be given a chance to put the pieces of your life back together and try again when you're freer to concentrate on your studies. I don't know how this would work technically, there may be financial difficulties (and visa issues, if you're international), so this would be something to discuss with the DGS sooner rather than later. But overall I think the situation is such that your professors can't judge your abilities fairly because your work has suffered from external circumstances outside of your control, so the best argument you can make is that you are still passionate about a PhD and you'd like the chance to earn their good opinion and support, once you've had time to process what has happened in your life this year and recover. If you have extra time to concentrate on your work once you've dealt with other issues, I hope you'd be able to get to a place where your advisors would be happy to support your PhD application.