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    After receiving my admittance to one of my top choices, I probably slept infinitely better than I ever had in the past four to five months... I can breathe again...
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    Statement of Intent and housing application turned in. Now I'm just getting ready for my summer research internship abroad. Everything seems to have fallen into place and I am extremely grateful and fortunate to have been surrounded by such a wonderful support system during this very stressful time. I will never be able to adequately express my appreciation to all those people who have helped me during this daunting process.
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    Wait-listed at my "safety school." What a strange thing graduate programs are. I know that fit is important, but it blows my mind that the less-prestigious programs rejected or waitlisted me while the significantly more prestigious schools accepted me. I'm relieved that I got into my top-choice, and that I didn't need to count on this safety school. I've got a weird sort of disappointment though: I didn't want to go there, but I'm still hurt that they didn't want me, you know? Like when you think 'they'll definitely want me' and they don't it's a strange sort of feeling of pseudo-failure.
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    Wow, back on here after a year off the café. PhD world is fun folks, but as I'm learning, lots of work.
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    MSW 2014 MD 2020 PHD 20??    

    MSW 2014 MD 2020 PHD 20??