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    2018 Applicants!

    One of my professors is from an online course so I asked her soon after the course was over if she would mind writing me letters because then she could jot down any impression of me while the course was still fresh in her mind. She said yes and I thanked her and told her I would be in touch over the summer with more details. I was thinking in late June I would send her a proper LOR email with my portfolio. I've always offered to drive up to the school to meet her in person and she hasn't said she needed me to yet but I'm going to offer again in June. My other professor is from my undergrad and I mentioned once last August that I'll be asking him for a letter and he was okay with it. I'm briefly working with him again in August so I figure it will be a nice chance to check up on him again, make sure he's still willing to write my letters, and make sure he got the LOR portfolio that I'm sending in June.
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    Opinions wanted

    Since I'm not an expert on adcoms I can't say if your stats are good enough to get in or not. I will say that it is smart to have a backup plan regardless because Clinical Psych is competitive for everyone. I'm not familiar with ABA schools, but applying to a few Master's programs is a very good idea because if that ends up being your best or only option then you can improve your gpa and gain more research experience. The biggest challenge with going the Master's route is that many programs are unfunded so you'll have to strongly consider your finances and future projections before making that move.