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  1. Let it be today!
  2. Croatia seems to have notified!
  3. Congrats and best of luck to you!!
  4. Seems Japan notified, based on spreadsheet?
  5. Seems to also have been the case for Brazil.
  6. Looks like Thailand ETA notified. EDIT: But was deleted?
  7. Let's hope so!
  8. The hour nears. Any notifications coming? I don't know if I can take another week of waiting.
  9. Let's hope we hear back today for East Asia-Pacific!
  10. Tired of waiting. So very tired of waiting. Please let tomorrow be the date.
  11. yet another disappointing day. Sigh.
  12. Has anyone called to see what the status of East Asia - Pacific is this week?
  13. I called for East Asia-Pacific, and the person in charge of the region is out of the office until next week. Not sure if the notification release is at all dependent on the PO being present?
  14. Someone I know had an interview earlier in the week.
  15. Got an email from Fulbright and thought it was an acceptance. But twas only the Save the Date email for PDO. :/