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  1. Yup.
  2. Did anyone else apply for the Fogarty? Has anyone heard back yet? I think it should be in Feb, right?
  3. List select things from the 10 years of outside work that would be of interest to people (e.g., publications [refereed articles, non-refereed reports/etc], conferences/workshops you've organized or led, awards/recognitions). If you worked for very recognizable institutions, even if not directly relevant to anth (e.g., RAND/USAID/Google), I would list them in previous employment/positions. You could also consider listing activities during those 10 years under Research Experience/Projects; in which case, it might not necessarily have to be directly anth, but should provide some clue into some of the skills you may have gained of relevance to anth (e.g., science policy, GIS).
  4. Good luck everyone! Also put in my app earlier today.
  5. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AlU2xDiiVhQjK3quPy6qXJuhgXYghzzG8L4YNT0unX0/edit#gid=929221519
  6. Recommended!
  7. Why god why.
  8. The same agony tomorrow would be horrible.
  9. Any moment now!
  10. Based on the Google Doc, it seems like some people are already getting notifications!
  11. Noticed that on the Soros website, the timeline moved from deadline for applications to interviews (bypassing the notification phase in between); wonder if this means anything???
  12. Best wishes, all!
  13. The criteria to include separate statements for BI and IM have been included in prior solicitations (including the 2013 + 2014 ones), so I would not worry about the headers since winners have won without. I think the idea of the two being separate means that you've clearly made the case for both independently somewhere within the essay (of course, if it is bracketed, all the better). Essays are generally only rejected w/o review if they fail to follow basic formatting (12 size font in body, 10 min for ref, page length requirement, etc.).
  14. Yup still editing drafts right now. I struggled quite a bit through the first statement.
  15. Is anyone else applying for Soros?