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  1. These things don't matter. A GPA that low will be hard to overcome, but I would look at MA programs as a stepping stone. But the most important question: why do you want a PhD?
  2. Just a datapoint - I stayed in the Grad Center last summer for a 6 week program, and it was, at best, unpleasant. I've seen more hospitable prison cells.
  3. Yes, this is usually why PhD programs have associated MA programs.
  4. Just to add: like everything else, it's important to establish the boundaries you need to be successful. It was perfectly appropriate to say "I'm sorry, that won't work with my schedule. I won't be able to grade the papers before [original date]." And then stick to your guns. In the future, there will be a lot of little moments like this. Sometimes, it will be about grading. Other times, someone might drop in a request to help edit a volume or write an article. In all cases, graduate students need to learn to be really, really clear and direct in their responses. Failure to do so will simply result in madness.
  5. Yeah, I have a lot of questions/concerns here. To be blunt, taking a hard sciences PhD into a 9th year is... not good. And the fact that it's taken you two years to figure out that your adviser is a problem that you needed to address, when coupled with this long time to completion, suggests issues that go far deeper than your adviser's mental decline. I think more than past time to reevaluate where you are and where you're going, and that the particulars of this adviser is only a small (if important) portion of the conversation.
  6. Some advice for your summers: Take at least 2-3 weeks (I would suggest the entire month of August) where you do no academic work whatsoever. No writing, no journals, no books. Travel, catch up on that novel you've been wanting to read, or binge on some Netflix. I know you're excited to get started and organized and are ready to go into it at a million miles an hour, but this is a marathon, and this summer is the last chance you'll have for that kind of vacation - forever, maybe. Enjoy it, and show up relaxed.
  7. As Richard Feynman once (supposedly) said, it's only the things nobody knows anything about that people (in mixed disciplinary company) can discuss. Particle physics makes bad small talk because some people do know something about it. So, weather? Politics? International finance?
  8. But anything to do with MOOCs feels hilariously dated. So 2013!
  9. I understand the concern, but it would be very strange if it was at all noted.
  10. While I think this is generally good advice, I think it's possible you misread what was said - angesradieux was concerned about obtaining funding, not applying for it, as far as I could see. A pretty valid concern!
  11. Yeah, that's a state school for ya. Not worth it, IMO.
  12. Do you have a sense of what the offer from Michigan might be? How does it compare to what you have in front of you? Being able to visit other programs is pretty small potatoes - there are lots of different ways to do this!
  13. Nah, just remind yourself that going to Yale involves spending 5 years in New Haven.
  14. The MA won't count for much on the other end. Brown offers MAs in other fields to its PHD candidates, and the overall advice regarding them is that they're not worth the time. So, from what you said, Cornell is the clear choice.
  15. What do you want to do as a career? History departments tend to hire people with PhDs in history.