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  1. that's too much information. could you be a little more vague?
  2. pm sent.
  3. omg why would you write something like that on the internet??? you should be ashamed.... jk that shit's hilarious those are big ass babies too...
  4. someone should start a different thread....
  5. c'mon.. there are no filters here.
  6. teammates want me to smoke weed for the first time and test my functional threshold while high and see if it enhances performance and/or recovery....
  7. i pretty much stopped listening to my parents when i was 16. don't even try to explain shit to them anymore. just accepting that they don't know shit.
  8. the first rule of fight club is you do not talk about fight club the second rule of fight club is you do not talk about fight club third rule of fight club, someone yells stop, goes limp, taps, out, the fight is over fourth rule, only two to a fight etc
  9. glad to see people are still evolving
  10. guy in my department recently committed suicide (not certain, but that's the likely cause of death). I've been depressed before, but suicide is a whole other level that I don't understand, and hopefully never will. The brain is pretty complicated, and problems like these go deeper than getting up and getting some exercise. Inner demons need to be dealt with directly (I've had my share). I can't really help you other than to feel sympathetic and wish you the best of luck. I think the reason why you posted here in the first place is because you need a channel of release. Go talk to someone about it.
  11. best to find multiple people that you can potentially work with. try not to take the first/only offer either. also it's unclear why you don't feel fit in. is it the research, group dynamic, department, adviser?
  12. I interpret 9-5 as a steady work schedule (it could also be 9/80, or 4/10, or some kind of 40 hours/week give or take) where you show up for a period of time, work, and go home to enjoy your free time (which i likey much), while in grad school that number is definitely north of 40h/wk (with much higher standard deviation, which I guess is what is referred to as "freedom"), and that salary is waaayyy south. that said, having autonomy in the workplace (which I agree is a huge perk of grad school) and having a 9-5 aren't mutually exclusive. some of the most successful companies with some of the happiest employees have 9-5 schedules, and part of their strategy is to allow some kind of freedom for their employees to do whatever they want work related during some of their work schedule. 3M is a great example in that they allocated 10-20% of their employees' schedule to think about ideas that are completely unrelated to their current projects. This was how the post it note was developed. Here's the thing.. at least in my field, you need to be there in person to communicate with your team, and anything worth accomplishing is most effectively accomplished through teams or groups, not through individuals. so unless the job can be done completely individually, most jobs will require you to show up when others do. Also, not everything that's interesting to work on is necessarily worth working on. the people paying you money expect to see a return on their investment. that goes for academia too. in that regard, you will never have true autonomy to work on what you want, and expect to be compensated for it.
  13. if avoiding the 9-5 is one of the main reasons for you to pursue academia, then I think there are better long term solutions. look at the people in your field with PhDs. what kind of schedule do they work? I think unless you're in Australia or Europe or something, owns a company, or can work from home, 9-5 is pretty hard to avoid. The people who I've met who work from home and have that kind of freedom are always software developers or website builders. anything that requires you to show up is probably going to be a 9-5.
  14. and yea, most of the things on the lists are not unique to grad school at all. If I could work in the areas I want to work in without a PhD, and not hit a ceiling in 10 years, I would not be doing a PhD. It's an investment, and it's not glamorous, at ALL.. out of all the trivial things listed, like being able to travel, meeting like minded people, the NOT 9-5 (which isn't that bad btw..), I would trade all of these for an industry salary with benefits and 2-4 weeks of paid vacation plus sick days and holidays in a heartbeat. you get near full autonomy in what you want to investigate, and access to resources that enables you to grow as a researcher faster than anywhere else. that's about it in my opinion.
  15. people in general are basics. they go to work in a job they hate, buy things they don't need, in order to afford nice things, so that they can impress people they don't like, and post that shit on social media to make their lives seem awesome. no wonder so many of them are on antidepressants. this is as much true for people in academia as anywhere else. a lot of people stumble into a phd without a real incentive to really be there. I kid you not some of them want to spend 5 years of their lives and opportunity cost from a real job just to have a "PhD" on their resume. interesting people are everywhere though. you just have to look harder.