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  1. @pup do you think that they are doing several rounds of gradual acceptances and eliminations, or does the fact that we are still at "selection made" when others seeking research grants already got rejected a week ago is a good sign?
  2. Good luck, all of you still waiting on East Asia notifications!!! Fingers crossed that you hear good news today
  3. Anybody accepted try logging in to the Self-Service Portal yet? I did and nothing showed up (i.e. it let me log in but the grant listing was blank).
  4. Just checked, last time I got that stuff on May 3rd - it was a list of points indicating rights and responsibilities ("Rechte u. Pflichten").
  5. @afdp awesome, good luck to you! I think I'll create a private message thread for all of us headed to Berlin for research to discuss moving, planning, and possibly meeting up
  6. @Dilemma1 and @patient0 you guys have been such a positive and helpful presence on this forum, I'm so sorry to hear you weren't accepted! Best of luck with other scholarship applications, I'll be rooting for you!
  7. @eloise94 Welcome to GC! I'll be using the Geheime Staatarchiv Preu├čischer Kulturbesitz and the Bundesarchiv primarily, and plan to be in Berlin most of the time (thanks Prussia for centralizing everything in the 19th century!).
  8. I'm trying to remember how it all worked back then in 2012 ... pretty sure it was all electronic by then. My records indicate a fillable PDF and the necessity to get a signed and scanned bill of health verified by a physician.
  9. Awesome, sounds like a plan! Excited to start looking for apartments - in Berlin, the hunt is real
  10. @Herbie @Horb (that is really funny when I see the two next to each other, haha) Where in Germany will you be? I'll be in Berlin
  11. @Horb Congratulations! It's been a long road for us but we both made it!! Couldn't be happier for you
  12. Just got notified - I got the research Fulbright to Germany!!!!!! Best possible news to wake up to here on the West coast <3 SO HAPPY!
  13. ... aaaaand that's another day without Germany either. At least now I'll probably get notified over Spring Break and can ugly cry all alone rather than in public on campus if necessary
  14. My department posted our internal research year fellowship application today, due April 6th ... but I refuse to fill it out until I hear back from Fulbright and DAAD. It would be so nice to instead email the dept. back saying "thanks, but I already got external funding so no need to compete with my peers!"
  15. At least they generally seem to be doing the acceptances and rejections at roughly the same time ... DAAD has been sending them out randomly on totally different days, sometimes a few acceptances, sometimes a few rejections ...