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  1. winterwind added a topic in GRE/GMAT/etc   

    Old GRE practice exams?
    I'm taking the chemistry GRE in the fall, and I'm wondering if there are older editions of the chemistry GRE full-length practice exams available. The 2009 edition is available on the ETS website, but there must be older editions that have different practice tests? Thanks for the help!
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  2. winterwind added a topic in Chemistry   

    GRE Chemistry subject test
    Are there any good prep books out there to help me prepare for the test? I can only find a few (Princeton Review, REA) that have less than favorable reviews. What books or methods did you guys use to study for the exam?
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  3. winterwind added a topic in GRE/GMAT/etc   

    Superscoring GRE score?
    Do grad programs look at the highest score for each section from different sittings, or do they only consider the overall score of a single sitting?

    I know most colleges for the SAT take only the highest score from each section, no matter when it was taken, but is the same procedure used for admission in graduate school? Of course, the grad program/college would see all of your scores, but would they ostensibly consider only the highest scores in each section, analogous to undergraduate admissions?

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