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  1. So eagerly recruiting new people is very often a red light about that PI...
  2. Being a gopher myself and highly involved in the micro community, I can't recommend UMN microbiology more. And keep in mind there are several very cool microbiologists who are not actually in the microbiology department but in EEB and Biotechnology Institute.
  3. I haven't heard back from UMN EEB........
  4. I think it is totally OK as long as your are polite and sincere during the call
  5. It's quite subject-dependent. Whereas liberal arts like history may require continuing reading and writing, for most science subjects slacking for few months is totally OK if you have had your courses solid.
  6. Harvard Systems Biology
  7. Email is definitely OK. A call may be even better
  8. Given the current NIH funding cutting and that UCSF relies heavily on NIH's money, Princeton may be a better choice
  9. just wondering if anyone heard back from MIT microbiology?
  10. I got mine last week too! Now waiting on the physical package. Thanks!
  11. I don't agree with your last point. Though in the US most bio professors can't admit you directly, they can certainly give you an interview opportunity if they are really interested in you.
  12. For the housing part, MIT does... MIT's 1b1b apartment is ~$400 cheaper than Harvard's....
  13. Electronic one saying decision is available on the portal. and the online mail contains a link to confirm attending and says a package has been mailed. Just confirmed too
  14. I got mine this morning! thanks!
  15. thanks! i think yes, you should get an offer from GSAS for both of your program. The offer letter from my program said I should get the official one from GSAS in the next few days and I'm a little impatient now...