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  1. There's a lot of residue from bygone eras on this ranking.
  2. Well, the time is close, then. I'm assuming emails will trickle through the day, but it could come in groups. We'll know soon enough.
  3. What subfield are you?
  4. Does anyone know if Emory sent out rejections yet?
  5. Did you get an interview at Yale or just a rejection?
  6. Has anyone else noticed that the results section is not working? No updates site-wide for a long while (Not sure how long).
  7. From the results page it looks like BU could very well be one of the last to make decisions. I've seen late February to the first couple of weeks of March.
  8. A friend from my first masters applied a couple of weeks ago, but he hasn't heard. He's expecting to hear back in March. I would apply ASAP and send an e-mail to admissions to inquire about the turn around. To add undue information, their summer language agreement with Princeton University for German/French/Latin is a great way to get a leg up in the application pool, and it is cheap. Parsenios's work on the Gospel of John in light of Greek literature (esp. drama) is great. I've heard a lot of great things from people who have done their dissertation under him. I would also add that if you do decide on a ThM, be sure to contact the professors as soon as you are admitted and decide to attend. You can make contact through the summer to help speed along the getting to know you process for recommendation letters. PTS also publishes its course list in advance, so their website (maybe under the catalog) would already tell you what classes you can expect.
  9. I'd certainly look into PTS in that case. Plus its costs aren't as insurmountable as other ThMs.
  10. I would second the suggestion of shopping around for ThM programs. Also STM programs (like Yale's) are more or the less the same as a ThM. Many people will tell you that ThM programs are cash cows for schools (i.e. little to no funding for admitted students). Yale routinely offers 50% tuition remittance for their STM students; however, I think once you calculate living costs Yale's STM is similarly priced to Princeton Seminary's ThM. I know there are a few Duke ThM's who frequent the forum who could speak to the benefits of doing an advanced degree there. I would also recommend contacting a few schools you think you are good fit for. Ask them about their opinions of ThM/STM programs and what places they think best prepare students for doctoral work at their school. Another way to ask this is to simply inquire into the types of places recently admitted students have come from. One school I know this year only took Yale students; in fact, just about three years running they have only taken Yale students. If you wanted to go to that school, going to TEDS or elsewhere would be of little help.
  11. Scratch that. I see Historical Studies is under GDR. Sorry, I don't know.
  12. In their GDR or history department? I have a friend who got into Vanderbilt' s history program specializing in Sephardic history and Judeo-Arabic. I'm pretty sure he's turning it down soon.
  13. Heartbreaking. Not that it's any consolation, but if you get interviewed and nominated by Yale, then the professors must have thought you were a good fit and were ready for doctoral work at Yale. Bureaucracy and funding got in your way. I hope you get off the waitlist (If waitlisted) or get into another great program, of which there are many.
  14. The department's recommendations were sent to GSAS last Wednesday (or was it Tuesday . . . can't be sure now). I can confirm that at least one person has been notified of his/her acceptance today by a call. I assume this means acceptances are ready to go out, but there's no rule that subfields have to sync their notification efforts.
  15. This isn't helpful to hopeful Yalies, but Loyola Chicago emailed me today. I'm NT, so I'm assuming that subfield has been notified. No idea on others. Email did come from the chair, not NT.