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  1. fred987 added a post in a topic To apply or not to apply   

    I agree. I won't be applying. I just felt like I spent months working on (a rather large) SOP, and I wanted some credit for it. Perhaps I'll just read it out loud to my girlfriend or something haha. I also felt like I owed it to my LORs, otherwise its like their letters were for not. But you are all right, its a waste of time and I should just put the whole process behind me. Thanks for the encouragement!
  2. fred987 added a topic in Decisions, Decisions   

    To apply or not to apply
    I applied to two schools, with the intentions of applying to a third (deadline next week). I got accepted into the first two, with one being my top choice. I already decided where I am going to go and accepted the offer. However, I put A LOT of effort into this third application and I feel it would be a waste if I did not apply. Ofcourse, it would be a waste if I do apply since I already know where I'm going. Advice?
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  3. fred987 added a post in a topic does one's ethnicity/racial identity matter?   

    I do not know if it plays a role in admissions or not, but I do believe that affirmative action is in need of great reform. Checking a box is not sufficient description of one's minority status, which is why I strongly believe in the Diversity Statement. I think it is interesting the AA approach that has been taken by law schools, with a special regard to underrepresented minorities.
  4. fred987 added a post in a topic LOR from hell   

    Hmm, I didn't see any of my 4 LORs. They were submitted online, so perhaps that is why?

    This is hilarious btw.
  5. fred987 added a comment on a blog entry 'Twas the blog before Christmas: What, Where and Why   

    The Wanting Comes in Waves/Repaid is an amazing song.
  6. fred987 added a post in a topic Most annoying part of application process   

    It's a toss up between LORs and Transcripts.
  7. fred987 added a post in a topic transcripts   

    I tried to get them sent out earlier, but there was an issue, so they didn't get released until 10 days ago. I hoped it would get there in time since my school only has a 3 day processing time, at any rate the deadline is a priority deadline, the school has roll in admissions so I'm not too concerned. Thank you for your input.
  8. fred987 added a topic in Applications   

    I ordered transcripts from my UG and all other schools attended 10 days prior to the priority deadline. It is one day after the priority deadline and the department still has not received any of them. Is this normal?

    How long did it take your transcripts to reach the graduate departments you are applying to?
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  9. fred987 added a post in a topic relevant course experience in SoP   

    Thank you very much! This was my original inclincation, just needed some reassurance.
  10. fred987 added a post in a topic 1000 words or 2 pages?   

    I fit 1100 words in 3 pages double spaced (or was it 1.5 space?), at any rate, I think that keeping it near the word limit and also at a reasonable page limit is important. I posted before about being ove 100 and someone said something about how being below or above the requested word count by 10% was acceptable, for some reason that sounded very reasonable to me and I felt comfortable going 100 over, mostly because I was able to keep it to 3 pages.
  11. fred987 added a topic in Statement of Purpose, Personal History, Diversity   

    relevant course experience in SoP
    The prompt for one of the schools I'm applying to instructs me to discuss any relevant course experience...As of now I have something like this:

    Courses such as 'xxxx', 'xxxx', 'xxxx', and 'xxxx' allowed me to develop blah blah blah. Whereas 'xxx', 'xxx xx', and 'xxx' taught me blah blah blah.

    I want to mention the courses names, but i don't know if i should or how i should. For example, should I include the names in parenthesis or italics? Should I just capitalize each word in the course title?
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  12. fred987 added a post in a topic Political Organizations in CV   

    I've heard mixed reviews about this from faculty. Generally speaking, they don't include any personal contributions to political parties in their CVs, though they too may have dedicated significant amount of time to the organizations. My girlfriend had a similar problem, but with liberal organizations, she kept it out of her CV but spoke about the leadership skills that she developed from her work with "political organizations on and off campus" and how it contributed to her success in other ventures. She also used the club advisor, who was also a professor of hers, as a reference. My point being, thought we like to think that they will look beyond that we cannot know for certain, and at the end of the day its up to you. However, there are ways you can include it without straight out writing it on your CV.
  13. fred987 added a post in a topic Did I just ignore an interview request from Mich?   

    Why not simply call back, or google the number?
  14. fred987 added a post in a topic TRANSCRIPT NONSENSE....   

    Yeah, the courses are on my transcript. I figured it all out. Contacted the county and they have electronic copies of the transcripts so they'll just send them over to the CC this week and hopefully the CC will send the transcript out the following week.

    Thanks for the advice!
  15. fred987 added a topic in Applications   

    One of my schools is asking for transcripts from all institutions of higher education regardless if the credits show up on your undergraduate transcript (or perhaps because of it). At any rate, I took 9 ... 9!... credits as a HIGHSCHOOL student at a local community college. Now that same CC is telling me that it cannot give me a transcript for those 9! credit hours, unless I produce a highschool transcript for them. WHY DO THEY NEED MY HS TRANSCRIPT? Never mind, that their courses are on my hs transcript because I took them WHILE IN HIGHSCHOOL.

    Here's the kicker. My highschool closed down two years ago.

    Called the graduate school and they told me tough luck. What the hell do I do now?
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