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  1. If you want to PM me your research idea, I'm happy to you my thoughts on it. Is your research going to focus on civic engagement with disabled people or was your host country engagement going to be that?
  2. I just want to say that my school had about 32 semifinalists this year and we only had about 6 people get the grant. Other years, we'd have 20 semifinalists and 14 receive offers. This is all to say that it is a very weird selection process and so your school not getting a research grant may have nothing to do with the FPA. I work in my school's scholarship office and I cannot tell you how many students do not listen to solid advice or just can't seem to incorporate it the right way. If you don't mind me asking, what country are you going to? Certain countries may view it as a political issue and others may not. It will also depend on how you word it and if you can find an already established organization to volunteer at, that certainly helps, especially if you are in contact with them.
  3. I have not received mine! I'm not sure what the hold up is
  4. No worries! I just felt like you were getting attacked for a fairly straightforward and important question. And yeah, I agree. If you get a UK grant, the cost of living in London will far exceed the stipend in many cases. Perhaps it wouldn't matter as much if we could work (like, part time tutoring or something).
  5. If you want to be done, simply don't respond.
  6. @hobakie We disagree on how to read tone then. They weren't ungrateful for the opportunity; rather, they were upset that they had been mislead over the amount. Fulbright is essentially a job. If someone said, "hey, we will pay you $2000 per month" and you accepted and then you found out you were being paid $500, you wouldn't say "Oh wow. I'm just so fortunate to have a job when many others don't" would you? Or would you be upset that you were misled? Because that is basically the situation here.
  7. the website states under different sections that tuition will be fully covered and that "Critical Language Enhancement Award recipients receive the same monthly maintenance stipends as for other Fulbright grants in the host country." That is all the info that was provided prior to a week ago and I took it to be true. Maybe I should have asked more questions, but still, it is frustrating and misleading... So, I just looked at the CLEA information and I do agree that it sends mixed messages. It does say that grantees "receive the same monthly maintenance stipends as for other Fulbright grants in the host country." It also says that funds are not available for transit, test fees, and a few other things. I agree that we should be able to trust Fulbright and, while I don't think they are being deceitful, I do think they need to be more transparent and note that while the amount awarded is technically the same, you aren't being paid a lump sum amount equal to your regular Fulbright amount (which honestly, makes sense consideirng they are paying tuition and for rent, so it should be less than the lump sum monthly amount). They should state you're being paid X amount minus expenses for A, B, C, totaling Y. Do I think they need to list that on the website? No. But I do think it should be included in grantee paperwork or in acceptance emails. As for what @hobakie said, I agree with some of it, but I do think the tone was way out of line. Fulbright is very clear that the stipend is modest and that, in some cases, it may not be enough to live off of. I'm thinking of those placed in M√ľnchen who can expect to spend almost their entire grant stipend on housing. You certainly should not be expecting to pay down credit card debt or student loans using your Fulbright stipend. We apply knowing the financial limitations of Fulbright and if someone didn't know this beforehand, then I'm led to believe they didn't do their due diligence before applying for the grant. You can find this information by contacting previous Fulbrighters and looking at Fulbright focused blogs. Additionally, I've seen a few people mention that Fulbright benefits those with wealthy parents or SOs or that Fulbright thinks its prestige and honor is a form of payment. I disagree with these statements. Of all the fellowships out there, Fulbright is the least restrictive on what they want IMO. They don't care that much about GPA, income level, etc. They want people who crave this opportunity and they especially want people who wouldn't be able to have this opportunity without a a funded grant. Sure, some people with have other financial resources if something happens (parents, SOs, etc.) but many of us will not. I know living off of $20,000 in the second most expensive city in the US that the financial struggle is real. I have student loans to pay. I have grocery bills, rent, and utilities to pay. I've learned to be frugal and yet still live life. Perhaps this is a skill set some of us will gain on Fulbright. That said, if someone wants to donate a billion dollars so we all can get paid more, not gonna complain Agree or disagree with me, but I do hope that future conversations can be less vicious and more helpful and productive.
  8. Probably utilities, the cost of the course, cost of staff, etc.
  9. I'm thinking that maybe it is the cost of the program plus housing which would equal the $1400 amount, but I don't know. If you want, you could ask about it. It isn't like they'll take it away. Just ask for clarification and be able to cite where you got the information from. I'm not sure what they could be more transparent about. I haven't felt confused by info I've received, but perhaps your experience is different.
  10. The issue is that they specifically require you to have intermediate at the time of application and be advanced by the start of the grant. They say "2 years college level or the equivalent" for a reason as well. So, if you can test at intermediate by the time the app is due, go for it! If you can't, I (personally) wouldn't waste my time.
  11. If it is required, I wouldn't recommend applying.
  12. GUYS GUYS GUYS: Brazil just released news that they have additional funding for 76 more grants (ETA) and are holding a special competition for them. If you did not get them this cycle, you can apply again!!! Read more here: http://us.fulbrightonline.org/component/news/?view=news&news_type_id=4
  13. They do rank us in the first round. That is how they decide who to send up. And we are sent in a ranked list. But you're right that they choose based on similar projects. If one person is studying animal migration and drops out, and they have a chemist and animal studies person, they'd probs go with the animal studies. I do not think, however, that cost factors in as we all get the same grant allowance and discretionary fund. They also wouldn't replace a research person with an ETA.
  14. I got mine the next day, but we aren't getting the official grant authorization document until 4-6 weeks after we submit the stuff.