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  1. They do rank us in the first round. That is how they decide who to send up. And we are sent in a ranked list. But you're right that they choose based on similar projects. If one person is studying animal migration and drops out, and they have a chemist and animal studies person, they'd probs go with the animal studies. I do not think, however, that cost factors in as we all get the same grant allowance and discretionary fund. They also wouldn't replace a research person with an ETA.
  2. I got mine the next day, but we aren't getting the official grant authorization document until 4-6 weeks after we submit the stuff.
  4. Oh my bad! It must have just been my award letter. I assumed it was standard. Mine was $1400, which I think was round trip...but maybe per one-way ticket? Not sure...
  5. It is in the info they send when you win the award. It maxes out at 1400 and the options are to buy it yourself and be reimbursed or use Fulbright's travel agent.
  6. I lived in Tubingen for 6 months. Let me know if you have questions!
  7. Um...I told people and I posted on FB that I was looking for a room in Berlin next year, but like, I didn't say I won a Fulbright. I think the only pause is that you could technically be declined the grant at this point (health reasons), so maybe that is why people wait? But like...you won the award...brag if you want!
  8. They give you a living stipend, so it the grant is going for that, it replicates it. Basically, you have to tell them about any extra funding and they seem to decide if it replicates.
  9. I'm by no means an expert, but if they said that they send by out by early April and the admin said all offers were sent out, then it might mean they sent out all acceptances (offers), but not waitlist or rejection notifications. Again, I have no idea.
  10. There's the Clarendon Fund (they awarded something like 400 awards last year) and then (I think) their partnership with Fulbright for a more limited number of awards (I'd imagine the difference is who pays and how much they pay).
  11. A friend heard back about the Oxford Clarendon Fulbright and was rejected. Idk if they sent all results.
  12. If you get it, but turn it down, you usually put something like: "U.S. Student Fulbright Research (or ETA or Study) Award -- Declined" But be prepared to answer why you declined such a prestigious award. For semi-final, I'm mixed. I put it down because I was a semi-finalist to the UK, which has a much higher rejection rate than other countries and I was told that is why I should put it down. It is definitely an honor, but something you probably rotate off your register in a few years, whereas if you win the grant, that sucker stays on it forever.
  13. Thank you!!!!!
  14. I wouldn't do a 2 month notice. They could let you go on the spot.
  15. Thanks so much!