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  1. That's tough and depends on a number of personal factors. If I was in a similar situation, it would all hinge on funding... if I didn't get funding at either Pitt or Hopkins, I'd reapply next year. Hopefully I'd have a sense of why I didn't get into my top choice and would do everything I can to ameliorate that issue before reapplying (if there is such an issue). On the other hand, if I got funding at Pitt I'd likely attend because there's always the chance that I wouldn't get into my top choice again next year, and the very thought of the stress of going through the process again coupled with my loss aversion would lead me to settle now. I'd also consider that the cost of living is night and day between LA and Pittsburgh so life as a student wouldn't be so bad at Pitt. NB: I say this as a life-long Pittsburgher who was also admitted at Pitt (in HPM) but I'm likely going elsewhere. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you have questions about the city. I happen to think it's a fantastic place to live.
  2. I was told by the program director at Michigan HPM that there's about a 30% chance I could make it in off the waitlist. Don't know if that reflects my own position on the waitlist or a general likelihood of one or more of their admitted students turning them down.
  3. I was just waitlisted at Johns Hopkins HSR&P. Maybe that means they're sending out the last batch of waitlists/acceptances today.
  4. Thanks! I applied to the Health Services Research and Policy concentration.
  5. Anyone else who interviewed with Johns Hopkins (HPM) still waiting on a decision from them?Have you tried reaching out to anyone at JHU to see if they have a sense of when we might hear? I emailed twice last week and didn't get a response. At this point it's easier for me to assume it's a rejection so I can limit my choice set and focus on the schools I've already been admitted to, but I'd still love to have some closure...
  6. Still haven't heard back from: JHU HPM (phone interview 1/11), Harvard Health Policy (inevitable rejection), or Wharton (inevitable rejection). I think I saw 1 JHU acceptance on the results page so not sure what to make of that... maybe I'm just waiting to be rejected there too. I just wish I knew for sure! The waiting game is exhausting.
  7. Are you sure they've all been sent out? I don't see any acceptances on the results page, and was told last week from somebody at JHU that decisions are coming soon.
  8. I didn't get the email, though I have already been admitted. From talking with them, they aren't sure what's going on with AHRQ funding but it sounds like they have a backup plan for those admitted so far. So maybe they're hoping to admit a few more if AHRQ comes through.
  9. It's definitely impacting decisions, particularly for schools that rely on AHRQ to fund their doctoral students (and faculty research grants, for that matter). There's just a ton of uncertainty so, as a response, I think we're seeing schools admit fewer students than they would have typically admitted. Bad timing for us, unfortunately!!
  10. Got some good news today... Waitlisted at Michigan (HSOP) and accepted at UNC (HPM).
  11. Interesting. I received this same email December 22, which was a few weeks after I'd submitted the application. Let's definitely keep the hope alive... in my correspondence with somebody from JHU over the weekend, it sounds like the rest of the decisions could come within the next week or so.
  12. I'm REALLY hoping to hear something today...
  13. It sounds like interviews have already occurred at Harvard.
  14. Sorry to hear about the rejection. Do they offer any funding for the Masters program? I don't know much about the program, but I believe some alumni are now PhD students at Harvard and UPenn. So make of that what you will.
  15. Thanks! I was accepted without doing an interview at Minnesota. And I'm not sure if they're sending out any more acceptances or how many they intend to admit - sorry! I've been told that a faculty member is going to reach out to me sometime soon to chat so if I learn anything relevant during that time I'll be sure post here.