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  1. Also, I'm sure that if you have any specific questions not answered on the website about the quasi-SOP, then the graduate director could assist you. Sometimes they simply answer your question and send you on your way, and other times they remember you in the application process because you emailed them.
  2. You really need a hook in the beginning of the SOP. They're reading so many of these things, so you want them to remember you. That was one of the many good pieces of advice that my mentor imparted upon me. Perhaps ask friends in graduate school to share their SOPs with you so you can get an idea of what you should be doing. While there's no set format for SOPs, if you look at enough of them, you'll begin to notice a pattern. Many people may be timid about sharing their work, though, if you don't know them, simply because they worked really hard on these things and don't want to risk having their ideas "borrowed."
  3. Wowowowowowow. That was incredibly soon.
  4. I'm not sure why I'm about to offer advice for applying because I felt anxious and stressed the entire time; however, I hope it makes a few of you feel better about where you are in your application processes. I am the epitome of a type-A personality, and I thought I was nearly prepared to submit my applications by the beginning of August. I couldn't have been more wrong. I finalized my SOP in October and my writing sample (a paper that I had written for a graduate course my first semester) wasn't complete until maybe a day before submitting my first application on December 1. My dear, dear advisor and I tore my paper apart for almost two months. In fact, I think I went through approximately seven rounds of thorough edits and avfew in between. Basically, don't be too hard on yourselves about where you are with your applications because you probably should go through many rounds of revisions. These things often take more time than we expect. I gave myself a lenient date to complete everything in October, and I still wasn't done until a month later. Woe is life. Best of luck to you all! I'm sending good vibes your ways.
  5. I'm always thrilled to see another c18 scholar! Best of luck to you on your apps this fall!
  6. The application process was incredibly stressful for me to do while in my master's program, but I knew I wanted to continue a doctoral program immediately after my master's. There has been such good advice given, so this may become redundant, but I want to explain what I did. My writing sample went through four extensive edits with my advisor. Without her, I probably would have had a mental break every week. I am fortunate to have such a caring, supportive mentor through my master's degree. I had a fairly specific SOP, by which I mean it was tailored to each program. This required a lot of research, but it also helped me better understand which programs were the best fit. I did not, however, mention what I wanted to do for my dissertation or anything because I don't think I have been exposed to enough in my field to fully decide upon that yet. I think we went through three revisions, but I'm going to be honest, my SOP is really fantastic. My GRE scores were absolutely abysmal, so my other materials had to be exceptional. I'm fairly satisfied with my writing sample and SOP, and from my understanding, I had stellar recommendation letters. Otherwise, I don't think I would been accepted to any programs. I emailed the DGS of nearly every program with any questions that I had (ones that couldn't be answered from the websites). Several of them actually cc'd POIs for me, which is the only reason I spoke to any POIs--despite how much I wanted to email all of them. It was reassuring to speak to all of the wonderful, enthusiastic faculty members who went out of their way to email me, especially when I occasionally feel like an imposter in graduate school. And I'd finally like to reiterate the absolute importance of fit--faculty, location, the program and courses, the graduate student environment, etc. I think considering all of these things were a prime reason I was accepted to my top choice; UMD is such a good fit for me. I don't know if this will help anyone, but I hope it does provide some insight for those applying to graduate programs next year.
  7. I hope to see you at the open house!
  8. Is anyone else visiting UMD during the March open house?
  9. I'm v obsessed with fine-tipped art pens -- these in particular: https://www.amazon.com/Platinum-Art-Supplies-Micro-Line-Ultra-Fine/dp/B01FWIE032/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1488040090&sr=8-2&keywords=pigma+micron+pens I also use gridded notebooks to take notes for all of my classes. I really prefer to have notebooks that have a ribbon bookmark, but sometimes I have to sacrifice the notebook in order to afford my pen obsession.
  10. I'm glad you started this! Congratulations on Notre Dame! I finally accepted UMD, which was my top choice as well!
  11. I'm waitlisted at Fordham University, but I will 99.9% decline my spot.
  12. Bumping this thread to ask when people typically begin renting for the beginning of August. I currently live in a college town, so it's normal here to begin renting a year in advance.
  13. CONTACT ME WITH YOUR DECISION, NYU. -- Sincerely, your secret admirer. What if I sent "Be my valentine" cards to every program I've applied to... is that an appropriate way to woo a program?
  14. I'VE BEEN ACCEPTED TO THE UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND! Thank God! I cried in my office for an hour because this is the best news I've heard all year.
  15. Same here. I'm going to keep my head high (for right now anyway) and bury myself in my current coursework. Sending love to all those who haven't heard any extravagant news yet. We're in this boat together, and I think we'll make it to shore.