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  1. I feel ya...
  2. What is your subfield?!
  3. It has begun...
  4. Received a "soft" rejected or hard "wait list" from Vandy. Basically, my POI called me and said that I am not officially rejected but the people who they have given the first offers too will most likely take it and if not, there are people higher than me on the wait list. That being said, he said my SOP was strong and he is excited to see where my research goes and told me to keep in contact, catch him at a conference, and even think about him as an external reader. He told me to call back late March if I had not heard anything official from the school and see what is up, but he recommended not to get my hopes up. All in all, a pretty good resulted all things considered. Sad, but not heart broken and hopeful that I have made a new friend/ally.
  5. I am right there with you mate. Harvard is my dream school and I believe it is a perfect fit. Not for the branding (although that helps), but the people their fit me like a glove with their interests, all of their resources, their amazing archives, and so on. It would just be perfect... Damn it... now I am getting emotional
  6. It is a brand new problem, so we have not tested it yet but it the product of a lot of work with the Forestry School (https://environment.yale.edu/). Students are expected to take classes at both, and yes, ethics are involved. But like most of the MARs, they are pretty flexible: http://divinity.yale.edu/academics/degree-and-certificate-requirements/concentrated-master-arts-religion-mar/religion-and At least fifteen credit hours must be taken in the area of religion and ecology, as well as six credit hours from the School of Forestry. In addition, fifteen credit hours of study in Bible, theology and/or history are required, with a minimum of three credit hours of each. It allows a good mix but we shall have to see what happens.
  7. Yes you can but the funding for the MAR Comp is usually 50% not 75% (which is the typical package). But yeah changing is very easy, just have to get a staff member to support you and explain why you want to change. We have the MARs changing all the time.
  8. http://divinity.yale.edu/academics/degree-and-certificate-requirements/concentrated-master-arts-religion-mar/ethics-0 If you want to talk someone at YDS, I can help.
  9. Oh John Harvard, guide my admissions, make my statement true, my research original, and my acceptance assured. Amen.
  10. Still praying to John Harvard for hope...
  11. Depends the sub-field as well.
  12. Netflix and attempt to chill?
  13. Harvard should be end of next week I believe... no idea about BU. But I am not overly stressed over BU, I would take Rice over BU if the other do not let me in.
  14. Given the state of the job market, you kind of have to be all things to all people (couldn't help myself). Another thing. I have friends teaching at Community Colleges and smaller Liberal Arts schools with top 2nd tier degrees like FSU. Given the job market, people from Yale, Harvard, Princeton, and all over the place are applying for these jobs but the hiring boards can smell two things a) desperation and b ) being used as a stepping stone. My wife went to a great school in the mid west, old and respected, and very well ranked, but because it was in the midwest, very few people "actually" wanted to live out there. People from top tier schools applied, but the guy who got the job went to Claremont of all places. How? When I spoke with my mates on the hiring board, they knew he had connections to the midwest, he actually loved living there, would not want to move at the first chance, and would teach classes people would actually be interested in. I noticed the same thing at Missouri, Kansas, Nebskra, and other big state schools, sure, they all went to ivy league schools but they are born in or married into the region. This has become great advice for me and really helps me figure out my future. My wife wants to hopefully get us away from the coasts and back to the inland eventually. Because of the investment, small schools do not want to be treated as stepping stones.