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  1. I have accepted Stanford's offer. Game over. Peace!!!
  2. A funded program like Yale's STM woul be good. Do not pay for it!!!
  3. I cannot speak for myself, but I can speak for a few people. For some people, just taking time off helps them. Some faculty members are suspicious of students who have gone from Undergrad to Grad and now want to do the Ph.D. Fearing burn out is very really because burn outs do happen. Given that this is about investing time, energy, and money, people worry about that. So just being in the "real world" for a little bit helps. But other things I have seen help is boosting the CV just a little. Adding a book review or two from respectable journals. Publishing one peer reviewed article in a solid journal. Volunteering some of your time to a digital humanities project, such as transcription work. Attending your local/regional conferences. Maybe presenting as well. Building up the networks that didn't before. And just simply improving your GRE score, SOP, and Sample Essay because you don't have to balance four other classes. All of these things I have seen help people.
  4. I am getting ready to accept my offer from Stanford but I still have not officially heard from Harvard, but in all realism, if we did not hear on Friday should we assume we have been rejected?
  5. Probably rejected from Harvard... well... STANFORD HERE I COME!!!
  6. If only...
  7. That refund though... so happy
  8. I had my interview and one hour later. I got in. I have been formally accepted into Stanford University!!!
  9. Harvard: Hebrew Bible, New Testament (2 spots), and American Religious History (and it is 12 EST)... More to go (please post if you got into History of Christianity or any others).
  10. They all seem to be informal emails from POIs, so I am doubting we shall be notified of the rejection. COME ON HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY!
  11. Current Mood:
  12. Apparently they are going to refund us all.
  13. Good form. Really, really good form!!!
  14. All well, it was the lowest on my list... more annoyed at paying the admission fee to have everyone rejected!