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  1. Hey, I've been lurking the boards for a while but finally made an account. i went to St. John's for undergrad (finished in December) and was accepted via email last Friday, and received my packet in the mail yesterday. Personally I liked the undergraduate program. I didn't have any issues with any of my professors; they are all very bright and very helpful. The speech and hearing clinic is also pretty close to the campus. Clinic rooms are pretty small but that is very common. Really don't have anything bad to say about it. I have heard negative things however about the program/clinic director, although I find her to be very intelligent and very nice. I think it is just rumors. I JUST received my acceptance to Adelphi in the mail today, and was wondering if you have heard anything about the program? Are you considering Adelphi as well as St. John's? And do you know which one is overall cheaper? Would love to hear what you think of Adelphi vs. St. John's.