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  1. Jess77 added a post in a topic Keeping in Touch with Previous Advisor/Mentors   

    My two professors and I from undergrad, who I considered mentors from working in their labs and taking their classes, have different "keeping in touch". My one prof, who I thought I would be more in contact with, has actually gone the opposite. It's more or less the "how's everything going? let's get the old lab together for dinner" every once in a while. My other prof, who I thought she and I would never keep in contact with after undergrad, just 'cause I didn't think she really liked me haha has gone the opposite way. I'm still working with her on her studies, in fact, I'm helping her conduct a follow-up to the cohort from last summer during this summer. We're talking about collaborating and ever since I've graduated, I started babysitting for her and whatnot. I guess it just depends on the relationships you've cultivated from the beginning. For both of them, it's definitely more on a colleague level instead of professor/student now.
  2. Jess77 added a post in a topic iPad   

    It crashes a lot and the whole organization set up isn't that great. I read 8 articles on it one night and then went to email them to myself and the app crashed and lost all my notes. GoodReader is much better and it only costs like $1 or $2, as opposed to $10 for iAnnotatePDF.
  3. Jess77 added a post in a topic iPad   

    I love it. I use it for all my PDFs, notes, and whatnot. GoodReader is great...don't get iAnnotatePDF...learned that the hard way. Pages is good. I'm still trying to figure out if I want to get a stylus and then one of the good note taking apps with stylus function. Plus, the textbooks that I do need to get (theory books and whatnot) I just keep on the iPad. It makes things a lot easier. Dropbox is a must too.
  4. Jess77 added a post in a topic Newark, DE   

    I'm currently in my first year as PhD student at UDel but I commute from South, but I don't really want to move to Delaware, lol. It's a beautiful campus, though, and Main Street is awesome. A lot of people live in University Courtyards, Studio Green, Southgate (which is really really really close to the campus/football field)...and there's rentals all over the place. If you are able to log in with your username/password on UD's website, click on Students at the top, then you'll come to the main Students page and click Graduate and then Classifieds. Housing is open all over the place right now.
  5. Jess77 added a post in a topic What's your schedule look like?   

    My schedule's not that bad...but I'm commuting to UDel from South Jersey, not that ideal.

    Monday = Work 8-12. Class 1-4.
    Tuesday = Work 8-4. Class 5-8.
    Wednesday = Work 8-12. Stick around on campus for an hour or two afterward if I need to meet with people or something.
    Thursday = Work 8-12. Seminar 1230-130. Class 5-8.

    I'm trying to go the gym when it opens at 5AM at home and then have to leave between 630-645 in order to be walking in the front door of my assistantship. Fortunately, my supervisor is incredibly flexible and understands the whole "time" issue, in general. Definitely think I'm going to move closer, at least.
  6. Jess77 added a post in a topic Emailing Professors at Schools to which You apply   

    I highly recommend doing this. I emailed five different professors at five different universities and only three got back to me--UCRiverside, Minnesota-Twin Cities, and UDel. I emailed them with a basic, "Hi my name is ____. I am a student at __________ who is majoring in ____ and planning to graduate in the spring. I've ntoiced my research interests match yours, esepcially article blah blah blah... am inquiring as to whether or not you are accepting students next year. Look forward to hearing from you" etc.

    It ended up being one of the best things I did because a.) I was able to get 3 phone interviews before even applying. I found out that UCR wasn't even worth applying to since I talked to my POI and ended up not meshing well with her at all. UMinn's person gave me a recently published article and told me to critique her work and tell her what she did/didn't do well. And UDel prof was constantly in contact with me whenever I asked her something. They all remembered me when my app came through.

    It does help.
  7. Jess77 added a post in a topic University of Delaware   

    I agree -- anyone else going there in the fall?
  8. Jess77 added a post in a topic Grad School Resolutions   

    Haha, I really like this thread! As for me, well...

    1.) Don't pull anymore all-nighters. Graduating a year ahead of time was not smart. I realize that I can't go walking around like a zombie anymore and pump out four papers beforehand and be thankful enough to have a lab that has a full size couch in it...and a professor who didn't mind that we used his lab as a second home, lol.

    2.) I like the whole, "do less" thing. I was so anal before..I'm trying to relax a little bit more.

    3.) Be more organized!!

    4.) Publish a lot and network. I flat out told my advisor, I want to publish and go to conferences asap, even if I'm third author.

    5.) Realize that the diss is just a diss and not try to make a mountain out of an anthole. It's important but not the end all be all.

    6.) Enjoy the time. What better way, besides being a professor, to get paid to go do something you love?
  9. Jess77 added a post in a topic University of Delaware   

    I completely agree! I love the campus. I visited when it was raining and still thought it was beautiful, lol. I don't think many on here are going to UDel you plan on commuting or moving down there?
  10. Jess77 added a post in a topic This feeling is strange   

    I agree iwth how you're feeling. I've been going through decision limbo for the past month now and finally accepted yesterday. I was sort of caught off guard due to the graduate advisor calling me to tell me she's sending out my info to professors for TA/RA positions. So I had to say yes. I still don't feel right about it, but I know this is what I want. Maybe it's the fear? That was my big thing.
  11. Jess77 added a topic in 2010 Archive   

    University of Delaware
    Long story short, I was accepted to Minnesota-Twin Cities and never received funding. Rejected them, UDel had a late deadline and didn't hear from them, starting thinking of other options. I was graduating a year early so I was just thinking of staying the fourth year and reapplying. UDel calls end of March, go for interview, and I got accepted with full tuition and an assistantship...completely surprised! I'm going for a PhD in Human Development and Family Studies...I don't think this thread has been made yet, but if it is, sorry! Anyway, anyone else attending?
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  12. Jess77 added a post in a topic Gradcafe Meet Up?   

    I'm in NJ but not 21 yet until June haha
  13. Jess77 added a post in a topic The negatives thread...for people who made it!   

    I applied to University of Minnesota, I got a 1020 on my GRE and I already thought it would boot me out, no matter how much the professor who interviewed me fended for me. I had a phone interview and she basically said she was my "ticket" to get in and I had to provide her with the best defense. Even though she said they don't use the GRE as a cutoff since it doesn't create the whole picture of the student, I was scared that the adcom was still not going to care. I got in...but I only think it's because of my LORs.
  14. Jess77 added a post in a topic Assistantship   

    I've been admitted to University of Minnesota as well, in PhD Family Social Science. The professor who called me said they don't make financial decisions until February or March, for my program anyway.
  15. Jess77 added a post in a topic What are you reading?   

    I'm in the middle of Cormac McCarthy's, "The Road" and am going to start "On the Road" by Kerouac and "Battle Royale" by Koushun Takami <- cool novel/movie about youth revolt of the Japanese government and what the Japanese government/adults do to regain power over the youth, kind of modern day Lord of the Flies.