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  1. Does IME still have the crazy high stipend? Last year it was 37K base
  2. I heard back from UCSB last year late january. Good luck!
  3. Anyone know how couples without children housing works? How do they check that your partner is there 50% of the time?
  4. First year PhD in Materials Science!
  5. UCSB visitation was last week and Northwestern is next week. I'd say you're out of the running for those schools. With your experience try moving a bracket down (rank 10-20), so schools like UCLA or UCSD.
  6. Yes, but don't you then go back to the lottery? Or are you out of the system for good?
  7. If you get a bad roll, don't you get a subsidized off-campus apartment? I heard these are actually very nice.
  8. I think those schools will take just about anyone.
  9. Honestly, it is a no brainer. Stanford is fully funding you and Michigan is asking you to pay. Still, visit both. Stanford really is beautiful but if for some reason you absolutely hate it, then don't go.
  10. I was a Stanford a few weeks ago, in a related engineering but not EE. Apparently the revamped the EE quals to be less harsh and weed out less people.
  11. I am also interested in any elaboration!
  12. In my phone call they mentioned that there will be two visitation weekends for NU, March 11 and April 1 I think.
  13. It's really hard to find places that allow cats that are affordable on the 35k stipend. Anyone think it would be possible to sneak a cat into campus or campus-subsidized housing?
  14. Congrats! Heard from Stanford yesterday, hopefully MIT soon
  15. Does anyone know of any 1 or 2 bedrooms in IV that are pet-friendly? I looked at Studio Plaza but not sure if they allow cats.