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  1. Actual tuition itself is said to be 21k and another 20k for living expenses are factored into. I looked on Craigslist just as I was curious about rent and it was scary 😩.
  2. Were you offered work study? And yes! I think it's very likely I will go!
  3. They were all loans. Nothing on work study.
  4. I'm between UW and a state school. The difference in tuition is MAJOR. I'm having a hard time deciding but I feel the same way. It's such a great opportunity and would feel silly not taking it! I also am interested in the purely med track.
  5. Someone in this forum got offered funding through a separate email. I haven't received anything yet unfortunately . Do you plan on attending?
  6. Saw both acceptances and rejections via snail mail on the results page for SFSU.
  7. Phone number was from Monrovia, California.
  8. Yay! All you need is that first acceptance! Congrats!
  9. Anyone have word from San Jose state or CSU East Bay?
  10. Some hard decisions to make! YES DON'T FORGET THE THANK YOU NOTE! I tacked on a small little Starbucks gift card as well but it's not really necessarily. I gave these after they submitted my letters as not to seem like I'm trying to bribe them.
  11. Did my postbacc at CSUF and I went to ask for letters during office hour just as the fall semester started (early September 2016) for Fall 2017 applications. Professors will ask for your statement of purpose along with a resume so I recommend working on those early and providing it to your letter writers. One of mine requested that I send these supplemental things to him before thanksgiving break. Best of luck!
  12. You won't receive a phone call but hopefully they'll still have the courtesy to send you a rejection email.
  13. There was another wave of phone calls early this afternoon. Not sure if there are any left though! 2 waves so far.
  14. Looking for one for UW!
  15. Bummer. I haven't received any word from them. Who should I email? On another note. Received a rejection from CSULA (which I expected) and a call from CSUF notifying me of my acceptance!