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  1. I called and they just said it meant I'd be getting a letter in the mail by the end of the week. Not sure what kind of letter, but thought I'd let you know what I found out!
  2. I'm assuming this means waitlist, but I just checked Boulder's portal and have the following message: A decision on your application has been postponed. You will be contacted with details.
  3. Anyone have an idea for Boulder's timeline? Based on former years they do earlyish February. Not sure if there is a more concrete timeline or not.
  4. Anyone claiming the 2 Michigan acceptances? I don't have anything written on my Wolverine App Status 0_0
  5. Likely that Emory PBEE isn't sending more out? Should I accept rejection?
  6. My emotions are all over the place 😂😂😂 hopefully this is the case!!
  7. Darn. I assume they sent an automated message to all invitees at the same time.
  8. This is good to know - thanks for mentioning it. The wait is killing me too, but it's definitely better knowing that it'll still be a while!!
  9. Has anyone heard from Emory PBEE? Why does waiting suck so muchhh
  10. Has anyone heard from Emory PBEE?
  11. My top choice program had the earliest deadline (Dec 1) and now that it's done, I'm having such a huge gap in motivation. I don't wanna do any more! And I'm impatient about results. Anyone else feeling this? Haha.
  12. @EvelynD I only have 4 too! And am also considering making it 3...
  13. Congratulations @Bschaefer!!! I'm about to submit my application to Emory ... I had a full bibliography in my SoP, but maybe I should get rid of it? Hmm. Good luck everyone!
  14. Hi everyone! Nice to "meet" you all. I'm applying to programs for biological anthropology, and I'm specifically interested in primatology. I'm coming in with a masters where I studied animal behavior and looked at the relationships between climate change and litter demography in squirrels. Hoping to study how climate change is influencing primate behavior! Good luck to all of us this season!
  15. .... too bad we'll never find out if that's gonna happen. hahaha. did you apply to Austin, too?